Lush I love:

My Amazon wishlist
My Etsy wishlist

Total wish! Never going to happen and I don’t need it… but this is a wish list after all:

My favorite tea is Earl Grey and I love baked things… especially from different countries and cultures (Blueberry Scones and Hamen Tashen spring leapingly to mind). Also recipes for things from other cultures… as long as they neither have impossible-to-get ingredients nor anything still alive and wiggling. (No maggot cheese for me, please) I also love Turkish Delight (I’ve wanted to try it since I was very small and now that I have, I love it!). Also Thornton’s Caramel Shortbread Fingers… if you can find them!

I’m a book-a-holic… I love books. Fresh and new, old and tatty, leather-bound and reverend, I love them all! My favorite authors are JRR Tolkien, C S Lewis, J K Rowling, Lois McMaster Bujold and Jennifer Chaverini.

I also love audio books and music of almost all kinds. My favorite song is Pachebel’s Kanon in D and ny favorite band is a-ha. I also like the Beatles, the Kinks, Klaatu, Enya, Tangerine Dream, Death Cab for Cutie, Math and Physics Club, Semisonic and Michael Bublé.

I love plants but I have a black thumb, please do not send anything to grow… I’ll kill it inadvertently and no poor plant deserves that.

I hold to natural materials over man-made ones… cotton fabric, wood furniture etc. If it can be recycled, I’m ok with it but I avoid plastics if possible.

I also have never worn nail polish (I mean seriously… like 10 times in my whole life), I don’t wear make up of any sort and the only things I put in my hair are henna, shampoo and conditioner. (Products… I do wear hair ornaments… some more frequently than others)

I wear jewelry irregularly and never bracelets with the exception of my silver charm bracelet (a charm for it would be awesome!). I have my ears pierced once and no other piercings or tattoos or anything. (pretty boring, huh?)

Bpal Wishlist

Sandalwood SN 5ml (yes, yes… laughter is good for you!)
Leo 04 (ok… laughing that much may not be good for you.) I’d be happy with a testable sniffy, even! FOUND OMG!!!!!
And always Dublin… imps or 5ml


    Skipping Vespers
    Lost for Words

Heaven and Earth Essentials:

    All Hallows Eve

Midsummer Muse/Violette Market:

    Decant Mouse (companion to the Perfumer’s Cat)
    Church Mouse (companion to Church Cat)

Black Baracca:

    Black Cat

NonBpal I love:

    Angel (original)
    Chanel 5
    Dali (original)
    L’Air Du Temps
    Luctor et Emergo
    Muguet du Bois (Coty)
    Oscar (orginal)
    Sand and Sable
    Secret of the Desert
    Si Jolie (Fragonard)
    Star Sandalwood (Airs)
    Profumum Santalum

And, just in case you want to know:
My favorite roses.

If I could only sign up for the ones I wanted… but I can’t make a quilt every month! I would do well to manage reading the book.

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