27 Steps to binding a book

  1. Print signatures
  2. Fold
  3. Punch
  4. Sew
  5. Add endpapers
  6. Plough
  7. Gild page edges
    1. Read https://www.praxisbindery.com/uploads/articles/edge-gilding-praxis-bindery.pdf
    2. powder the pages
    3. paint once with gouache
    4. paint once (twice is TOO MUCH) with glair (I use thinned PVA)
    5. THEN gold, silver or copper
  9. Roll the back
  10. Round the back
  11. Sew bookmark to headband
  12. Apply headband and tailband
  13. Apply cloth super
  14. Apply brown paper
  15. Cut boards
  16. Cut manilla spine
  17. Cut out leather
  18. Skive as needed
  19. Trim corners
  20. Make paste
  21. Paste down boards and spine to leather
  22. Turn over edges and match corners
  23. Apply paste to boards
  24. Wrap case around book
  25. Smooth out any wrinkles in endpapers
  26. Leave overnight in press with backing boards
  27. Decorate and title cover

Obviously, this is not instuction- this is an order of operations list. Mostly for myself because I am forever forgetting to add the endpapers before I gild the pages or forgetting to mark the top and having to take the book back out of the press to see which is head and which is foot.

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