Midsummer Night’s Dream

So far, I mostly have ideas and notes but I do want to keep track of them.

I have a copy of the 1908 printing with all 50 Rackham plates and a copy of the 1977 Abaris printing that is calligraphed (facimile copy) by Mr Hewitt with the updated Rackham illustrations. What I want to do is preserve the calligraphed text and add to it the 50 illustrations from 1908. My rather knotty problem lies in the relative sizes of the two. The Abaris text block is over sized and the prints from 1908 are fairly small- they did not even cover the entire page in the 1908 book… which is smaller than the 1977 book- length and width, it’s much thicker, of course.

I have two options. I can interleave the Abaris text block with Mulberry paper and afix the 1908 plates to it or I can rescan and reprint the Abaris text (which will leave me with a much smaller book as I can only print on letter or legal paper) and interleave then. The 1908 plates would then be a much larger percentage of the page… but may actually be a bit large.

I’m still thinking about this.

Upon checking the size, the plates will be about 50% of the page- that’s really quite adequate. So I’ll go with interleaving mulberry paper and affixing the plates and tissue guards into the existing text block. Also, unless I simply shrink the entire page, scanning would be difficult and would ruin the symetry of the text. If I shrank the page, it would become difficult to read.

Next problem- blue or green leather?
Okay, either would work but the mulberry paper I’ve found is green and I will have plenty of green leather left over from the Oz books (which is a very nice leather) the blue I have is not as nice to work with. So GREEN… with silver edge gilding and titling. (Emphasis because I keep forgeting what I’ve decided and why)

October 11. 2018
My mulberry paper got here today and I’ve been marking the pages that need one sheet (or more) of paper between them (the book is NOT paginated- this makes it more difficult). The paper was bent in shipping (aagh!) and I hope I got enough of it.

I’m going to take the book down to signatures… and unsew them to interleave- there is one place where I need four pages between one page and the next! I really don’t think tipping will suffice in this instance. I’ll have to plough them after rebinding and before gilding but that shouldn’t present a problem- it’s not a thick book. Oh, wait, it’s not a thick book NOW- it likely will be by the time I am done!