The Flying Yorkshireman- copy 3

This is going to be a bit more difficult. This copy is going to have gilded edges- but be uncut. I decided the best thing to do was gild the edges before I folded and sewed it. Also the gold is 22k- not copper or sterling or one of the many imitations… which is a fresh challenge all in itself as the gold is much thinner and tears much more easily. It also sticks to just about everything and is VERY hard to controll.


In the press:


This is the first time I have worked with real gold- everything else has been either cheap ‘gold’ or sterling silver or copper. I know why gold is the one you always see now- it’s a LOT easier to work! As well as being a little harder- it’s very delicate but it adheres better to what ever surface you’re gilding- a LOT better.

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