The Flying Yorkshireman- copy 2

Signatures printed, folded and punched

Sewing frame set up. I’m using only three cords this time but doubling them- I want them to show more on the back!

Sewing in progress- sorry for the fuzzy, I just dropped the needle and grabbed the camera. I still think I don’t know what I am doing on the ends!

Sewing finished

Trimming the pages- as best I can without a plough!

Tapped up and ready to start backing

In the press with backing boards

Applying glue

Gluing down the super

Bending and hammering while the glue is still wet

Back into the press for more hammering

Now the back is nice and rounded

End view

Applying some pretty end papers- these are having a tendency to roll

Back in the press for a few

Bookmark and headband

Kraft paper over that

Making the leather case

Since I am using cow leather instead of something thinner, I have to shave the edges to get them thin enough. This is one place where the specialty tool is worth it- it’s called a skive and once you have the angle right, it makes the shaving go pretty fast. I still have to be careful not to cut the leather- or me!

Making sure the boards fit and trimming the corners

Ready to paste!

Paste applied

Case finished

And applied to the book. Now into the press with brass edged boards for several hours



I’m pretty happy with the gilding on this one- I think I am getting better!

2 Responses to The Flying Yorkshireman- copy 2

  1. lizzy says:

    fantastic work! I used to make my own art books do draw in at art school so I recognize some of the process. very well done! 🙂

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