The Warrior’s Apprentice Rebind only- finished

July 13
I’m going to start this rebind tonight or tomorrow. I’ve decided on brown kangaroo leather and silver for the gilding (argenting). I’m going to keep the cover fairly simple- just the title and possibly the house crest- if I can make it work. I’ve got a hardback Nesfa press edition which should need nothing more than edge argenting and a new case.

July 14
Before we begin- with dust jacket
 photo wa_zpsbf0c89ef.jpg

and without
 photo nodj_zpsfd089211.jpg

component parts
 photo P7140337_zps3cfb2c32.jpg

I have to say, Nesfa makes a well made book! The spine is built to last forever and everything is solid and strong and made of good materials. (In other words, I had the dickens of a time getting it out of it’s case!) I plan to reuse the cover boards.

Powdering the top edge- a critical step! Messy so I either do it over the sink or outside… and it needs to be well-ventilated. Talc can be dangerous.
 photo powdering_zps818c7431.jpg

Mixing the bole- about equal potions of PVA and paint mixed with water to the consistency of milk
 photo bole_zpsb935c77c.jpg

The top edge. I want 3- 4 coats of bole- the first scrubbed off (with a paper towel) and the rest let dry until tacky except for the last coat which has to dry all the way.
 photo topedge_zps64715b98.jpg

Ok, after breakfast (cinnamon roll oatmeal) and a shower and getting dressed, we’re back. I realized somewhere in there that I really should have chosen, cut and added endpapers (and the dustjacket cover) before getting started on the edge argenting. Oh well, I’ll add those between top and bottom argenting.

July 15
The top had to be reagented because the silver simply pealed off. So I went ahead and bound in the dustcover art and added endpapers before hand.

 photo P7140341_zpsd295c7aa.jpg

 photo P7140340_zpsb0954292.jpg

I’m going to try the bottom edge tonight and I think I’ll go with one layer of bole and only one of glair since it seemed to be too much for this paper- obviously it doesn’t soak it up like the cotton paper did on Winterfair Gifts.

July 16
All edges argented and sealed so tonight I work on the binding. I’m going to use kangaroo for this one as there’s not enough of it to bind any of the sets I want.

July 17
Well, I got the book cased in yesterday- but the few pictures I remembered to take… are all horribly blurry except this one:

 photo P7160343_zpse1e29514.jpg

I’m still not entirely happy with the edges. I’m thinking with commercial book paper, I could skip the bole altogether and just go with one thin coat of glair… and if I’m going to be using PVA glair, then I need to thin it down more or experiment with egg glair. When I take the pages apart, I seem to loose a bit of the silver and I’m thinking the plastic is peeling off a little and leaving nothing on some of the pages.

I am very happy with the case however (so far, it’s still in the press). I’ve got enough silver left to do the spine so I’ll title it tonight and I’ve ordered more to do the front cover when it gets here. I added a bookmark while I was relining the spine- I almost forgot- so the finishing on the cover is all that’s left.

July 18
I got the book titled last night… but I goofed and titled it from bottom to top instead of from top to bottom. It’s not the only book I’ve seen like that- a fair few English books are titled so- but it looks a touch odd with the rest of my Bujold books. In spite of that, I’m quite happy with the result and may decide not to do anything at all to the front cover.

 photo P7170347_zps9306689a.jpg

 photo P7170348_zps0607f506.jpg

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