Dec 1, 2007
Last night, Emily was going in to take her bath and she stuck her head back out the door of the bathroom and asked “Mom? What smells like it’s burning in here?”

I go rushing in there and, sure enough, there is the distinct smell of an electrical fire. NOT a good scent. So I turned the dryer off, hit the breaker and unplugged it. It was really really hot and when I opened the door, it smelled like burnt caramel corn. The clothes inside were not quite dry… fortunately it was the last load of the weekend… so I hung them over the porch rail.

So now my schedule for the Sunday goes: Party. Dryer shopping. Dinner. I’m hoping there will be a good sale or two going on since it’s not the season to buy large appliances.

And because he will point it out if I don’t, 80s has told me at least 10 times that the dryer was getting dangerously hot and I needed to replace it.

I’m just wondering… why do all the appliances break in the same year? If the washer has to be replaced before January, it will be every major appliance I own in one year.

Dec 2, 2007
We went and bought a dryer. And a washing machine because if I got them both together, I only had to pay one delivery fee ($65), one take-away fee ($10) and saved $120 from buying them separately. And they were both on sale. After fees and taxes and all it was just over $600. And now I don’t have to worry about my dryer setting the house on fire or the washing machine breaking right after I bought a dryer. I’m having them delivered on the 14th. If I had been thinking about it, I would have told them to go ahead and deliver on the 10th (the first day they could) and let 80s oversee the installation. Considering he’s been on about sneaking into my house and installing a new washer and dryer while I was at work for months, he would have loved it.

April 19, 2009
Having gotten into the bathroom, it needs more than I originally thought. I really can’t leave the floor. There’s a quarter inch wide gap between the bathtub and the edge of the flooring, it’s torn up in places and there’s a strip where a wall used to be inside the linen closet that has no flooring at all. It was also never fastened down as far as I can tell and is pealing up under the edge of the sink cabinet.

I seriously need something I can put down that’s going to look good, keep water off the sub-flooring even when Emily takes a bath and isn’t horribly expensive. Oh, and something I can keep clean (read: sterilize as needed) that won’t require I get down on my knees and scrub.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Also, I have to figure out how to fix the bar in the bathtub without replacing the entire unit (I’m going to try clear epoxy tomorrow), fix the dryer vent once again and build a soap/shower caddy more to my taste than the one I have now. And possibly build a medicine cabinet… and sand the remains of the old wall paper off the walls. (Note to self, do NOT use corners as wallpaper breaks… wrap the paper around the corner. Really.)

April 26, 2009
I started on the bathroom…here are the before pictures:



(Ignore the laundry!!!)




(Pay no attention to that woman in the mirror!)

And the new shower rack… hobby wood has even less quality control than building wood, much to my disgust:


May 4, 2009
I have a blank wall in the bathroom.. I need mermaid art!

But it has to be good mermaid (or merman if I can find it!) art. Understanding that I do not like cartoons or cutesy and highly prefer realism (without the photo shopped nonsense I see a good bit of these days) does anyone have a recommendation for mermaid art? What’s the best one you’ve ever seen?

May 11, 2009
Murphy has been having his way with me. The switch plates that I wanted for the bathroom are available locally… but only two of the four configurations I needed. Ok, so I order them. That turned out to be easier said than done… it took me hours to find them on line to order! Likewise the robe hook and the tumbler holder.

I got into the trim strip last night… and I need two more rolls to do the whole bathroom. I didn’t look for them very hard… I won’t find them. This pattern was discontinued ages ago. So… back up and punt. I’ll trim strip only what is wallpapered… this leaves the rest of the room un-busy enough for me to figure out how to do the ombre thing on the walls. I will probably consult with Eliz… paint is her area of expertise and I’m no artist.

The floor is going to have to wait. I’ll mend what’s there as well as I can and we’ll make it do until I have more money. It’s not as nasty as the carpet by a long shot. Art, other than what I already have will also have to wait unless I get prints at a very reasonable price.

June 7, 2009









I think it looks like I gave a random impressionist a can of delphenium blue and said “paint water.” The pictures are quite detailed… from the new camera of course! I haven’t painted the sun on the ceiling yet but I’ll post that as soon as I do.

June 16, 2009
The bathroom is done. Finished, nothing left to do on it at all


If this was a quilt, I’d be embarrassed because my points are mushy and don’t meet, my lines are anything but straight… but I’m not really a painter or an artist or even a draftsman and I was working on that textured ceiling stuff that some moron decided would be a great thing in less than ridiculously expensive houses some time ago. It’s impossible to paint, impossible to clean and who ever invented it should be hung by their ankles until sometime next year.

However, it is supposed to be underwater and it’s the best I can do so it will have to do. At least it does point north… I couldn’t find a compass anywhere in the house (I know there must be one, no well-regulated house is without a compass) so I made one with a glass of water, a magnet, a needle and a bit of paper towel. An easy, fun science project for kids… if you can divorce them for a few minutes from their electronics.

Since I’m on the next to last day of the steroid pack, I’m starting to feel worse. The ear and that side of the throat are playing up on me and I’m not as energy packed as I have been all weekend. On the up side, I should be able to get some sleep tonight. On the down side, I got the ceiling tonight because if the energy falls off like it has been, I won’t be up to it tomorrow and possibly not for the rest of the week. A simple case of ‘make painting while the medicine shines’ or something.

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