March 5, 2006
I have one wall (over the sink) finished… including scrubbing the cabinets. How do they get so dirty, I wonder? I’ve commenced working on the opposite wall although behind the stove and refrigerator will have to wait. The fridge is full loaded and I don’t have an appliance dolly so I’m going to take 80′s offer of help and move them when he is here to help me. He’s also promised to help me hang the burlap as it’s really a two person job… one to hold and one to staple.

A note of no interest: I always seem to end up listening to Michael Bublé when I’m painting the house… I wonder why? Is jazz better to paint to? Are Canadians naturally more into home decorating? Is it music that I associate with adult-type things like redecorating? Inquiring minds (mine especially) want to know.

March 8, 2006
I wasn’t planning to work much on the kitchen today… just buy some new rings for the stove eyes and put them on. That did not go as planned… even the universal rings don’t fit this old stove so I scrubbed the rings (and the stove top) one more time. Not all the gunk comes off… my Dad began the cosmetic destruction of the stove and the wasband just about finished it off. However, three of the four eyes and the oven still work so I can’t justify stretching the budget for a new one… or even a new used one… at this time. *grumble*

Now I have no problems with men who cook (Yay! Go guys!) but anyone who cooks and can’t be bothered to wipe up a spill isn’t a cook, they’re a child pretending to cook and waiting for ‘mommy’ to clean up after them.

Also, the cabinet handles arrived today. So I have spent the evening in between scrubbing at the stove installing handles. They’re going to look fab but I have even less respect for the builders of this house than I did before. (They were already in negative numbers about the paint… or lack there of.) Every one of these cabinets was finished AFTER the handles were installed. Now that’s just shoddy workmanship! Fortunately, the new handles are almost the same shape and size of the old ones so it won’t show but still. I never got past the apprentice stage of cabinet making and I know better than that. (Or maybe that’s just me and the way I work.)

And I still cannot find a red kitchen garbage can.

It’s enough to make me say dirty words. Since the advent of children old enough to parrot my speech, however, my ‘dirty words’ are things stolen from Winnie-ther-Pooh and such like so they aren’t very satisfying. Bother.

But the stove is as clean as I can make it and the handles are installed and marvelous so I’m going to bed a happy person.

I’m going to be listening in the morning for the first time Liz goes in the kitchen. If a red dish drainer made her jump back, the new handles may make her yelp. I was thinking this was going to like kind of retro 50′s but it may be more retro 30′s. Not that that’s a bad thing… better, in fact… just a bit unexpected.

March 26, 2006
The kitchen is finished! I put the wood trim up today… accompanied by some colourful language because it’s very hard for me to nail things with my left hand.




Feb 24, 2008

I have been shopping for a stove (now they call it a “range” but what I mean is a freestanding oven or set of ovens with a cooktop that I can plug into the wall).

Maytag – Gemini 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Double Oven Electric Range – White has everything I want except convection. Two ovens, smoothtop cooking surface, burner size selection etc. And of course self-cleaning… that’s an absolute must!

GE – Profile 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range has everything I could wish for except convection (I could get that but it’s more expensive) I can also get it for $100 less in white but I don’t see the point when I can get the comparable Maytag for $400 less.

My question to you all is do you know of any reason to spend the extra on the GE brand?

Is there a reason I shouldn’t get the selectable burners?

Any reason I shouldn’t get the dual ovens? I am thinking that using only the smaller oven when I’m only doing something small (and with two people that will be quite often) will save me some energy and thus some money… but will it save me enough money over the next five years to pay for the extra oven? If I get only one oven instead of the (really too cool) two oven option I can save $350.

And what about the black cooktop instead of the white? Do they really scorch that badly?

If I got the white cooktop with non-selectable burners, it drops the price between $50 to $200.

But gee, I’d really really like to talk myself into the very nice oven(s)!

*I did talk myself into it…



May 1, 2007

I got home today to discover that the refrigerator has died. It could possibly be repaired but it already has been once and I think it might just be time to get a new one. Of course, we also need an new stove and a new washer and dryer… how come it all happens at once? I want to know. And appliances are all so darned expensive!

May 18, 2007

Use for Q-tips number four thousand three hundred and fifty two… painting up between the cabinets behind the refrigerator because even if the face plates of the cabinets meet, there is space between the actual cabinets… and I can see up back there, being short.

Also, if you need a paint tray and there simply isn’t one to be found (since the one you used to paint the bedroom last month has obviously gotten up and walked away), that TV tray that the wasband left that you’ve always hated will do. If you still actually want to preserve the tray against future painting emergencies (10 miles to the hardware store… surely not for just one paint tray! Besides, there isn’t time…) you can always slide it into an empty plastic grocery bag.

It wouldn’t be such a thing if the white where I haven’t painted didn’t stand out like a beacon amidst the café au lait walls. Obviously, I have moved the fridge out and am painting behind it before Emily gets home from school. Right now I’m at a stand still until the fridge stops running and I can unplug it, take off the outlet cover, paint underneath it , replace the outlet cover and reconnect the fridge. Should take all of 5 minutes but I want to let it reach the point in it’s cycle where it isn’t running anyway.

More updates on the kitchen:

New light fixture



And a new faucet because I was tired of replacing the cheap ones every year or two


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