May 29, 2005
I am going to turn Elizabeth’s room into a library. It’s not possible to paint over the paint colour she chose (never mind the black magic marker she has scribbled all over the walls with) so I’ll pick out a nice wallpaper… and then cover most of the room with bookshelves. If I add a second set in the middle of the room, facing outwards, I should be able to fit upwards of 5000 books in there. And if I panel the back of the interior bookshelves I will have a smaller room in there that I can turn into a reading room with a desk for doing bills and letters and such. The closet I can use for office supplies… the second closet I am going to wall up and open into the bathroom for a linen closet… and put one of the spare cedar chests under the window with an upholstered top for a window seat.

March 30, 2008
While we were out, I did find a lovely 5′ X 8′ rug for the library. Handtufted sage wool in a medallion style with what I think they call ‘carving’. (Just means that the rug is not entirely flat.) I brought it home and laid it out in the sewing room to look at it… and Pixel immediately began to pull at it. Dratted cat!

April 27, 2008
The Good: I have the closet in Eliz’s room painted and all the stuff that was in there packed in bags to go to Samaritan Center except for a few things I want to keep or give to specific people. (We have to swap soon, Chat)

The Better: It does not look like I’m going to have to use Killz to cover the magic marker, paint and spray paint on the walls. Three coats of Dutch Boy will do it.

The Awesome!: I mixed in half a bottle of Clio (appropriately) and instead of smelling like wet paint the closet smells like really good Bpal.

On the downside, the room has thumbtacks, nails, scotch tape and other assorted things on the walls (and the ceiling which will have to be painted too since she wrote up there with magic marker) in random and unexpected spots so I will have to go over the entire room very very carefully before I begin painting. I also have to rebuild the set of shelves that needs to go in the newly painted closet… some are too close together and some are too far apart… before I can store office supplies in there. I’m also at a loss to explain why the child put kleenex randomly on the ceiling with thumbtacks. :/

May 17, 2008
In other news, the closet is now in the bathroom… although it still has some work to be done. The handyman is coming back tomorrow to finish it, he says… and hopefully to remove the door and frame into that ex-bedroom. (The door is a hollow core door and Eliz wrote on it with magic marker… I’ll never be able to get that off before I sand through the wood… and no, I am not painting the door. I’d rather not have one at all than to have a painted wood interior door.)

Maybe by tomorrow night I can put shelves in!

May 25, 2008
The handyman finished my closet today… yay! Which means I have to get to work and paint it, clean the room and paint it and then remove the carpet and lay a floor. How come I can’t do it as fast as I can think of doing it? I’d get so much more done.

June 12, 2008
I have a question… if I’m industrious, I should be painting my library this weekend. I have discovered that mixing Bpal with the paint scents the entire room… so my question is:

What scent should I use for the Library?

So far I have Lurid Library, Clio (writer’s muse), Miskatonic University and Buggre Alle This Bible. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

June 17, 2008
I have just finished what I can do on the library tonight.

And I am fit to be tied! There were a couple of different kinds of tape… and stickers… all over the walls, nails, an entire package of thumb tacks, cup hooks and more on the walls and the ceiling. In addition to the “murals” and all the writing in magic marker. (and some of the stuff she wrote is stuff I don’t want to know about my daughter, my parents or anyone else I’m not actually sleeping with!)

To top it all off, the trim strip won’t come off. The front came off… but the paper backing won’t turn loose. I guess I’m going to have to sand it off. In all events, I can’t jump right into painting, I have to repair the walls first… and when I went to check my spackling, it’s all dried up, of course. So I can’t do any more tonight.

This floors me because I keep expecting my girls to be more like me. When I was a teen, I hated the pink that my mother painted my room. So I put up posters to cover as much of it as I could. I also had things like an incredibly long gum paper chain, a patchwork leather cowboy hat and the old mailbox from our house hanging on the walls. And, since I couldn’t afford stained glass, I painted the window. (Yellow Submarine and other pictures in the panes) But none of it damaged anything! The paint was even washable so the window could be cleaned with soap and water if/when the house was sold. (On an interesting side note, a gay couple bought the house… they liked the window so much that it is still there!)

June 27, 2008
Well, one can no longer read the writing on the walls… and the pictures are all gone too! All to be seen is mossy green.

Sadly, I didn’t get in as much quilting as I wanted to today. When I went to start, I couldn’t find my thimble anywhere. It took me two hours to unearth it from where either the kitten or the ferret had it hidden. Brats.

The rest of the day has been similar. I took down the light cover to cut in the ceiling paint and when I went to put the cover back on, I fumbled and dropped the cap that screws in. So I got down… and in a perfectly bare room, I can’t find it! Bother and blast. I’ll leave out some cream and maybe the brownies will bring it back.

Now I’m ready to pull out the carpet and see about laying a floor.

No, you can’t see it yet.

June 23, 2008
I got the painting done… it could use another coat in spots but the paint was prohibitively expensive and most of the walls will be covered with bookshelves anyway. If I have time, I’ll paste up the trim strip in the evenings and then I can address the floor this weekend. Considering that the floor will take me at least one weekend and probably two, I should be able to consider building bookshelves sometime in July. And I have decided to build rather than buy bookshelves for at least one wall. I’m uncertain about the other three. I don’t have enough bookcases to fill all of them up…but I don’t know how much space (yet) they will take up. Pffttt! After the floor, I can consider that… I’m getting ahead of myself.

While I was painting, I dropped the bucket of paint… which splashed upward onto my arm and shoulder with splatters on other various body parts. (At least it did not overturn!) The clothes were no problem… that’s been my painting shirt for years… but getting the paint off my skin proved a bit challenging. So I pulled out a oil and salt scrub that I’ve had for awhile… baaad idea! It didn’t help with the paint and made such a sticky mess of my skin that I had to go get Dawn and a wash cloth to make it let go… and the wash cloth is toast. I threw it away rather than try to get all that gunk out of it. I also threw away the scrub! It was from my old job and I didn’t know how bad it was until I had tried a good scrub… namely A Walk in the Woods Sugar Scrub.

When I finish the library, the bathroom is next on the agenda to be fixed and re-painted (and probably re-floored). I had a brilliant idea for the walls… I’m going to get a gallon of white paint and a gallon of blue and start with the ceiling almost entirely white. Then I’m going to slowly add the blue to the white as I go down the walls so that they aren’t a solid colour but graduated… dark blue down at the floor and getting lighter as it goes up. If I can make it work, it should be beautiful! (I could make it work on fabric… I don’t know about paint.)

Edit: I found the cap to the light fixture! It was lodged in one of the feet of the step ladder I was using. Now, I looked there yesterday, and it wasn’t there then. Thank you brownies… I appreciate the return of it. (Note to slef: Leave out creme for the brownies)

June 28, 2008
I went shopping this afternoon… no, Virginia, there is no more of the flooring like I put in my bedroom to be had. So I went to South-Eastern Salvage and picked out a nice walnut floor… I kept trying to pick cherry and remembering that it won’t go with the furniture or the walls or the trim strip or the rug (which I already have). And, being the lucky person I am, I scored the perfect flooring for $1 per square foot. And the boxes cover exactly ¼ of the room apiece… and 4 was as many as we could possibly fit in the car. Then we went to Sam’s for bubble wrap (which I managed to shoe-horn into the trunk with the flooring) then to the store… exactly which corner of the tesseract I put the groceries in, I am uncertain but I did manage to make it all fit!

July 5, 2008
Except for the door threshold into the closet, I have finished the floor.


I am sore all over and tired as a dog. I had it virtually finished last night but it was taking me too long and I had company to entertain. Today, I went out for the Saturday shopping… and ended up renting Home Depot’s truck and hauling home and stacking all the pieces I need for the built-in bookshelves on the back wall. I had to do some fast refiguring because 12’6″ is not a standard size board and they only carry up to 12′ in stock.

I think the Home Depot guy was a little startled by my giving him exact dimensions… You don’t carry that in 12.5 feet?… ok… hum… then let me have XXXXX instead…. which means I’ll need another one of these… and these two… and that should do it.

So. I am going to have shelves 8′ high, 8″ wide and 12′ long but split in the middle by a thick divider. Meh… it should be ok. I think I’ll get a wide flat trim piece and run it up the middle and up both sides to give it a little style… and hide where I’m going to have to shim the pieces together in the middle. Emily picked out the trim piece for the top… very pretty with lightly carved leaves. It did come in 13′ lengths so it will run unbroken from wall to wall.

No.. no pictures yet. I’ll be ready to show off in a couple more weeks.

July 6, 2008
1) Buy wood, glue etc.
2) Lay out uprights, measure and mark shelf placement
3) Cut shelf supports
4) Attach shelf supports
*5) Stain and seal

top trim strip
*bottom trim strip
bottom kick plate
outlet covers
*shelf dividers

6) Attach uprights to wall
7) Attach kick plates and bottom shelf to uprights
8) Attach shelves to uprights
*9) Attach top and bottom trim
*10) Insert shelf dividers

*stain & seal

11) Check if side and center trim is needed
*12) Purchase center trim
*13) Stain and seal center trim
*14) Attach (glue) center trim
*15) Add books

July 21, 2008
I’ve gotten quite a few things done on my list this weekend. To whit:

5) Stain and seal

top trim strip
*bottom trim strip
bottom kick plate
outlet covers
*shelf dividers

6) Attach uprights to wall
7) Attach kick plates and bottom shelf to uprights
8) Attach shelves to uprights
*9) Attach top and bottom trim
11) Check if side and center trim is needed

I do need center trim, not side trim and I am going to have to have supports for the shelves in the middle or they’re going to sag. By the end of the day, I will have all the shelves done and the top strip installed but not the bottom which I will do when I do the baseboards. Probably weekend after next. Next weekend will be the shelf supports and possibly the center trim.

Aug 3, 2008
I have spent most of the last two days working on the library with good result. The bookshelves are finished. Finished, I tell you!! And all but a couple of very small pieces of the baseboard is installed. I still have to hang the curtain and move furniture in… and see if I can find a register cover that I like that fits and purchase a flip chair.

One of the problems of having 8 foot ceilings and floor to ceiling bookcases is that you can’t reach the top shelves. (Not if you’re me, anyway) So I was pondering an attractive set of steps when I thought “You know, it would be really neat to have a step stool that had a seat built into the back of it… then it could be a chair too.” So I get on Ebay to see if there is an attractive set of steps that I could modify… and apparently Benjamin Franklin had a similar idea only his chair flips open to create steps. Bah! And here I thought I had a really neat unique idea. On the other hand, purchasing a flip chair is considerably easier than putting one together from scratch. Especially as I have no wood shop.

So… maybe pictures next week? And a book count. Since I’m moving all of them, I may as well count them!

Aug 4, 2008
I hung the curtain in the library tonight… and it looks like a shroud. I mean, seriously. I stepped back and looked at it and that is the first thing that came into my mind. On top of that, it doesn’t work with the wood floor and rug at all… or with the whole tone of the room.

It’s awful, no good, very bad and yucky. I must create something different! But what? Suggestions for library window treatments now being entertained (with tea and cookies, of course). It is one small simple window… no bay window or other detailing.

Thoughts, people?

Aug 6, 2008












Of course, I still have to make an unbleached muslin café curtain and frill for the window and replace the step ladder with a flip chair so it’s not entirely done… but close enough to share (and use!)

The yellow tags you see in some of the pictures is me counting books as I put them up. We managed to eliminate 200 that were not something that we wanted to keep… but final count for the room is 1639 and for the whole house is 1762. So I don’t actually have 10,000 books… it just feels like it when I am moving them! Rather nicely, there is plenty of space left over for additions… although I need to read more! 90 of those books I set on a special shelf (or three) because I have not yet read them. Bad wren!

(I thought about it after I posted and realized that I’d have a lot more books if the men in my past hadn’t been so jolly keen on getting rid of my books. And my stero. And my sewing machines.*Grumble* Bad choices!)

The chess table was built by my grandfather and the chessmen were my father’s. I don’t know if he bought them or made them. Either way, it was long before I was born. He did make the bookcase that has the statue in it.

Jan 20, 2011
think I may have mentioned that I plan to put a diamond paned window in the library. Almost everyone I contacted about a window to my dimensions wanted $2000 – $3000- except for Jay at Orca Glass. He says he can do it for under $600 and, while the shipping is ghastly, I can manage it.

I’m not asking if I should do this or not- I am doing it. But I am asking the f-list about curtains. Right now I have a white linen frill at the top and a half panel that covers the bottom. Privacy is not an issue (the window faces the forest and if there are any peeping tom deer out there they are welcome to watch me read all they want) and I don’t want to cover up a window I’m having custom made. Should I just add side drapes to the frill? I have plenty of linen- I could put curtains up in most of Windsor Castle before I ran out- so I can do anything I think of. Should I remove the curtain all together and frame in the window with wood or stone? (Kind of liking the stone idea- but how to do it…) Suggestions requested!!

Jan 23, 2011

I was going to go look at how far my windows had progressed- they look like they are done!! Oh happy day, calloo, callay!

Now comes the mailing and installing of them…

Jan 30, 2010
I did get my windows and they are beautiful and not broken but I won’t be posting pictures until I have them hung which will take some time. I have to get our handyman to replace the library window before I can hang them and trim out the inside and he’s slow… and I will have to special order the window which takes at least two weeks.

Reb 19, 2011
I found a file cabinet that looks right in my library- now I have to sort and file everything. How long do I have to keep documents for legal purposes? I think I could probably do a major cleaning right about now.


March 13, 2011
Willie came and changed my window out yesterday. Yay! now all I have to do is hang my panels and trim it out and make a new window treatment and I will have my window.

March 17, 2011

I still have to make a drape to go over the top and down both sides from the white linen, buy some filials, install them and hang the drape.

But isn’t it beautiful?!?

Panels made by Orca Glass

April 17, 2011
I finished the library curtain. I think it looks terrible, Emily doesn’t see anything wrong with it. What do you guys think?


January 10, 2012
The loop holding one of the panels broke under the weight and I had to take it down. So I had my handyman frame it in as I had thought to do it in the first place.



Also new clock:


Picture of Bag End and our flip chair


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