My Bedroom

August 2, 2006
I found the perfect artwork for the huge empty space over my bed… it’s the 1997 poster from the Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon. (Picture here.) Fortunately, I am not having to pay quite that much for it. I wrote Mr McGregor and pleaded my case (which is that I love that piece of art but there’s no way I could afford it) and he has found me one at a discount because of corner damage. I’m going to frame it anyway, I couldn’t care less if the corners are battered. I’m a quilter not an art collector.

Jan 2, 2007
I have also been planning out which household repairs and refurbishments should be accomplished in the coming year.

Elizabeth’s room is not possible as she is still at home so that is out for at least a year.

Likewise the bathroom is to be postponed as one of the improvements for which it is slated is a linen closet. The closet currently opens into Elizabeth’s room and is her second closet where she keeps her television and other electronic accoutrements. The other problem with the timing for the bathroom is that when Elizabeth showers, she closes the door (unnecessary as the curtain is opaque) but does not engage the exhaust fan causing the room to become as densely steamy as a sauna. I hesitate to either repaint or hang fresh wall paper in a room that is being regularly steamed.

The living room is possible but not practical. When Elizabeth leaves and I have refurbished her room, it will be a library and fully 1/3 of the contents of the living room will then be shifted down the hall. It would be illogical to work on the room until after that move has occurred.

This leaves only my bedroom as the portion of the house that has not been recently repainted and has no impediment therefore it is the logical subject of this year’s refurbishment. Now to the question of how much and what to do with it.

I am perfectly happy with the light brown curtains and most of the artwork is to my taste and properly framed. I should clean the two oils and may dispose of the aluminum pictures. (They are some kind of cheap silvery metal with some very nice artwork on them but I find them small and a bit… um… well… for my taste.) I have not decided about the two small oils. They are of ballerinas and I have another tall thin poster in a frame of ballet shoes… those may end up together somewhere… perhaps even in the living room… but I do not think they will stay in my bed room. The grouping would be quite attractive.

The dark wood furniture is exactly what I want. It needs refinishing and a bit of surface mending (not on my list for this year, at any rate) but there is no need for any change or replacement there. I dislike the carpet but it will be changed at some future date along with the rest of the house. Again, it is not in my calculations for this year.

This leaves only the walls which need minor patching (various dimples left by the builders and holes where shelves were but are no longer) and to be painted. Possibly a trim strip as well although I am ambiguous about that. Well and good… but what colour? I prefer earth tones and cool clear colours… the colour must be light enough to frame the pictures on the wall and yet I do not want anything stark. The kitchen was done in a coffee-with-cream shade, the bathroom will be blue(ish), the quilting room is green and brown, Emily’s room is pink (well, of course). The library, when I get to it, will be paneled or brown… what haven’t I used? (Any teens who have actually read this far, please suppress the “black” comments. I outgrew the desire for a black room several years back and it contributes to depression which would be unhelpful in the extreme.) Perhaps a deeper shade of green (or brown)? I confess myself to be stuck in the mire of possibilities.

Jan 7,2007
I have decided how to refurbish my room. I’m going to paint the walls a kind of grey-blue-green and see if I can make it look like fog. The trim strip is a very wide one of die-cut leaves (look kind of like aspen or birch leaves) and the switch plate is going to be a Monarch butterfly. I am debating if I should run a tree trunk mural up one wall… I have found an excellent one (I can get rid of the bears) but it’s a bit expensive and I’m not sure if it will look great or make the whole thing look like a cartoon. I am also trying to pick out a bedside lamp… I have several options but I don’t know which one I like best for the effect. The curtain is going to look like a braided woven mat blocking the wind and I am hoping that the whole effect of the room will be one of sleeping on a flet or elvish talan. I have found the most perfect ceiling fixture… it looks like leaves and branches… but there are two problems. One, it’s very expensive and the shipping would be more since it’s in England. Two, it’s English and so would require rewiring and installing by an actual licenced electrician which would cost even more.

I hate that. I can find anything… just exactly what I want… and half the time when I do, I could never afford it.

March 26, 2007
I was almost over the muscle sore from falling and now I’m sore from painting. I painted my room this weekend (and I bless 80s for pointing out to me Friday night that I really should leave the reflooring until next weekend.)I painted the room twice, base coat and then base mixed with glaze and applied with a rag, but I still have to get more glaze and sponge over the blue on the walls because right now it doesn’t look misty, it just looks (mostly) blue. I also painted the ceiling and put up my tree… have to work on getting rid of the rest of the bears… and one of the three trim strips. Then I made myself some hot cocoa and took a bath with epsom salts and read one of my new Jane Austin mysteries by Stephanie Barron. They’re quite amusing… the detective in them is none other than Jane Austin… a bit fictionalized but good on the whole.

I’m going to try and finish the painting over the week and then install the new floor (I found oak flooring at $1.97 a square foot and it doesn’t require glue, nails or staples to install) and then I can stop sleeping on the sofa…. which I am sure is contributing to my sore muscles! After that, I’ll worry with the little bits and daubs that still have to be done (replace my bedside table etc.) Then I’ll post pictures.

For everyone who commented on my last entry that they can’t wait to see pictures of the “new” room… I’m working on it but you don’t get pics until it’s all finished and I can unveil the whole thing (except the furniture refinishing… I’m not going to make everyone wait for that!)

This means I have to lay a floor… get rid of the remnants of the bears in the tree… make more “mist”… find outlet covers shaped like leaves… make a curtain that looks (to me, anyway) like one of the screens from the flets in Lothlorien… replace the lamp shade… and replace the bed side table (it’s just not elvish enough!).

Nobody hold your breath… blue is not an attractive colour for humans

March 30, 2007
This is not a room… it’s an art project!

The painting is all done. I scraped the idea of finding electrical outlets to suit me and painted the ones I have. Eliz painted the one that is square in the middle of the tree trunk and removed the bears for me (I could have done it but she’s a better artist). She also comments that this looks like a kid’s room… it’s juvenile and silly. Pooh!

I found an old army sheet in my fabric stash that will serve very well for the curtain lining… it’s in the wash and has to be dried and ironed and then I can make the curtain.

I also had a nice surprise when I bought the flooring yesterday. I thought I would have to make two trips because I needed 11 boxes (which won’t all fit in my car) but it turns out that I only need 6 boxes… and some glue. I have to find out if, when installing a hardwood floor, to you put a pad under the glue and then glue on top of it? From the instructions it doesn’t look like it. It looks like there is no pad at all. Also, they tell you to start laying the boards two board widths away from the primary wall… and don’t walk on the floor before the glue dries… and lay the ones by the primary wall last. This seems counter-intuitive… and in my bedroom, almost impossible to do all of the above as well as ridiculously complicated. So I will be going with the KISS principle and laying the first two lengths of board first.

Provided that I actually get to work on it this weekend… that seems a bit dubious at the moment.

April 2, 2007
I got 75% of the floor finished yesterday. Of course, it’s the last 10% or so that’s going to be tricky so I may have to work on it both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to get it done. At the moment, I ache all over and I discover this morning that I even managed to put a blister on my knee (I knew about the one on my foot). But I’m proud of myself… when my mom got her living room floor done, it took the guy weeks and there were two of them. She suggested I hire the same person to install my floor and I declined on the basis that I didn’t want to sleep on the sofa that long. (She wanted to know why I needed to take the bed down… her suggestion was that I install the floor without removing the furniture from the room. I couldn’t help it, I laughed in her face.)

Mom’s pissed about me doing this in the first place. She didn’t want me to put in hardwood, she wanted me to keep the carpet that Eric ruined. I had to tell her four times that I was doing this before she heard me to remember and that was the day I brought home all the flooring. And then there’s the “why do you need glue? you don’t need glue… that’s just extra money wasted” and “Mineral spirits? You blew money on mineral spirits? I have dozens of cans of mineral spirits! Go ahead! Waste more money!” and “Why don’t you use that carpet to replace the bad places in the living room and Emily’s room?” I can’t get it through that I plan to refloor the entire house one room at a time and that the current carpet won’t be in any of them. To forstall any extraneous argument (Her, not me… I’m done arguing.) I left the carpet and the pad out in the rain last night.

All of this has served to make her mad enough to look at me and proclaim “You’re just like your Father.”

Why, yes, Mom, I am. Thanks for noticing.

April 4, 2007
The flooring is finished! I got it done last night which means I can move my furniture back in this evening and sleep in my own bed tonight.


I even have an entire box of flooring to return since I didn’t need it all which makes the floor cost less than the lamp 🙂 It actually only took two days because I took Monday night off. It’s a late night at work for me and I knew I could only get in about 2 hours work when I got home… and a little rest seemed indicated

April 28, 2007
I finished the curtain! So I have pictures of my new room… I still want a new bedside table and I need to create and hook a leaf rug for beside the bed but I have no idea when I’ll get those done.










May 1, 2007
I looked everywhere I could think of for a rug to go by my bed with no luck. So I went by the craft store and got rug canvas, a latch hook and green and brown wool yarn. It will be very nice when I get it done but the wool irritates my legs and arms as I’m working on it. (Feet and hands don’t seem to be affected so it will be fine once I get it done.) I have also remembered why I dislike latch hook and cross stitch so much. Strangely, I don’t dislike needlepoint, although it’s still the same stitch all the time.

Sept 29, 2007
I have finished the rug at last…
Amen. And just in time for cold weather. Now I can start quilting again…

Feb 13, 2011
I am finally going to replace the bedside table with this one:

I found other places online where it was cheaper- but Amazon has free shipping on this one so they have the lowest total price. It should be here by early March.

Feb 19, 2011
I’ve been busy today. I built the bedside table- I’m not sure but I think I want it higher. I also have to figure out how to accomplish this.


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