Sewing Room

March 7, 2005
My sewing room is coming along. They still have to put in the windows and the door… paint the sheetrock and put down the floor covering on the inside and side the outside. I’ll be so glad when it’s done although it will be a rather major moving project for me to get everything I want/need in there and I will have to build several sets of shelves.

March 20, 2005
I just had a brilliant idea… I want to put shelves up in my sewing room but wood is expensive and building them takes time. What if I take these plastic boxes I have that are full of fabric (and pull open like drawers) and put one on each end and then a board across them? And then stack the next set on top with a board and so on. I’ll have to have wide boards but most sewing things take wider shelves than your standard book.

May 3, 2005
When I woke up from my anesthetic induced nap (why does dental anesthetic always make me sleepy?) I found I had a door… and a floor… and baseboards and a door sill and window sills and a chair rail! He’s also trimmed in around the attic pull down door and washed the walls that are to remain vinyl sided.

What a way to wake up!

May 15, 2005
My room is finished!

Okay, the guy who was working on it is finished, the room is not finished. I still have to wash and stain and paint and decorate it before it will be ready for me to move things in. But now it depends on me, not someone over whom I have no control so it should move a bit faster.

May 17, 2005
I have worked on my room all day and gotten quite a lot accomplished. One of the things I have managed to do is wash all the windows. This is two sliding glass doors, three double windows and a regular glass door. Both sides. Three times. And the setting sun is still showing me places where the glass is streaky. Cruel sun.

But I really have knocked the h*** out of my list of things that have to be done in there. I still have to paint and hang the trim strip, stain one more baseboard and put a second coat on the windowsills, mop the floor, put a switchplate cover over the light switch and paint the outside of the door to match the rest of the house. Maybe three or four more evenings after work. Then I can build bookshelves and move my stuff in!

I like this varnish I’ve been using. It’s a stain and polyurethane both so I only have to go over the wood once. (Half the room is wood, I’m grateful for small favors!) It looks like honey and has about the same consistency… and stickiness!

May 20, 2005
I had to paint the light switch cover… it was just too dark a brown for that room… and then the green made all the wonderful “carved” (it’s molded resin) detail vanish. So I went hunting and found some highlight wax from my miniature painting days and rubbed a bit of that over it. The effect comes out as a bit antique and I like that. I’ll have to clear coat it now but that’s okay.

All that’s left that I can do is paint the outside of the new door to match the rest of the house and, once the paint is dry, retouch the paint and hang the trim strip. I intend to do the interior work tomorrow and then paint the door on Sunday. I will then have to wait for the builder to come back and move the freezer back into place before I move anything in. I sincerely hope that he is not as slow about doing this as he was about finishing the room!

June 11, 2005
I planned to move the sewing table tomorrow… I forgot I was dealing with me. I woke up early and moved it this morning all by myself. Now all I have to do is build shelves and organize stuff (the biggest part of this whole move). Oh. And clean up where the sewing table was.. and build shelves there… and… and … and…

June 14, 2005
I do not like Ace hardware’s idea of lumber. Yesterday, on my lunch break, I went and got the makings for one set of shelves (for books) and the two boards I needed for the top shelf for the other set (for quilting supplies and fabric). Some how I managed to fit two 7′ boards into the back of my Saturn sedan (quite a trick, let me tell you!) as well as the rest of the lumber. And screws. And wood glue… mine had dried up due to age.

As I had the day off I blithely supposed that I could assemble a set of shelves fairly quickly, leaving me plenty of time for covering the garden with landscaping cloth, the blueberry bushes with cheese cloth, talk to the TEAM center about Emily’s results (more on that in a minute) and do the regular work like laundry and dishes. Ha.

Not one single cut on the lumber was square and my 12″ wide boards were only 11 1/4″. I did manage to build the shelves but they were a lot more trouble than they should have been. And every screw I tried to screw into the wood either split the wood or stripped out or both. And this was in soft pine! Wonder how fast they’d have snapped if I’d been trying to work with oak? I also don’t have a power saw… but next time I’ll make the cuts (as far as possible) myself because I can do better with my little bity hand saw than the hardware store guys did with their power saw.








Aug 6. 2006

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I finished the last set of shelves in my sewing room. I still need to get the treadle machine down from the attic and refurbish it but now I have a corner to put it in. I also need to work on the door. It has fallen aslant and only latches properly with a great deal of effort. This is not acceptable… I want to be able to use that door as much as I want and not have to take ten minutes to make sure it’s closed when I do.

3 Responses to Sewing Room

  1. this is too enormous to be one room. i think it’s your whole house and you’re trying, and succeeding, to make your fans/friends envious. my jewelry stuff lives in the living room, dining room and kitchen and my dearly beloved and i live in what’s left.

    • wren08 says:

      It was a screen porch that was one whole end of the house with the exception of a very narrow tool room. Mom had it converted one year as a Christmas present for me (my brother got a hot tub that year). She always had just tiny tiny sewing rooms with projects overflowing into adjoining rooms when she made anything and I think she wanted me to have a dream sewing room for quilting. The only down side is that it isn’t connected to the central heating and air so it’s cold in the winter and can get quite hot in the summertime.

      Never the less, I’m a very lucky person!

  2. … and our 3 cats have dozens of double-secret nook, crannies, tunnels and so on. when company comes, the 2 youngsters (age 10) go we know not where.

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