“The Holiday” Cottage Tea Cosy

This is a cross stitch pattern from The World of Cross Stitching magazine designed by Angela Poole.

Here’s the down side for me (apart from it being counted cross stitch which I am less than thrilled by)- it has no back. I mean, obviously you’re supposed to add a back and wadding to make the cosy, but the back is just plain fabric. So I took the design and mirrored it, removed the door and snowman and extended the bricks and the fence to make a back to the house. I think it will work out ok, we’ll just have to see.

Note: I will not be uploading the front files or the key as those can be had from the original pattern and are copyrighted. If you don’t wish to order the magazine, there are listings on both ebay and etsy for the magazine pages.

There is no chimney! This is not acceptable.chimney

I plan to work it on red aida cloth, add some grey wool roving coming out the top, sew it together and stuff it before inserting it between the front and back of the house when I sew them together.

I’m also planning to learn how to add beads and add seed beads to the ornaments and baubles to make them sparkle just a little more.