This is why I can’t have nice things

In a fit of pique last night, Emily threw the remote and cracked the television screen. It’s really badly cracked and, while she is talking repair, I can look at it and tell I’ll have to replace it. After scrimping and saving to finally get a wall mounted flat screen! I can’t afford to replace it… especially as I also need to pay for her on-line school and I really need to replace the car.

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In which I am so very lucky

For a couple of years I’ve been trying to find a particular vintage tablecloth (well, two of them- still looking for the other) I’ve seen three copies pop up on Ebay but they’ve always ended while I was at work and I get out-bid. I’ve actually been saving all the photographs to attempt to recreate the pattern- difficult, not impossible, but time consuming and I have no time.

So, today, I bid on… and won… a lovely vintage tea cosy and I was looking at the auctions I haven’t won and pressed the ‘show similar items’ button. The very first thing that came up was another copy- a buy it now and it must have just been listed! So it should be here right around my birthday, yay!

I’m doing a happy dance :D:D:D:D:D

tea cosy

Just to underline how lucky I am, this is the least expensive copy I’ve ever seen too!

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I have to wonder about people in my life that think they are entitled to my time… why do they think that? But practically everyone I know IRL (not everyone- just almost) thinks that I should pay attention to them when they want me to… and nevermind what I want or need.

Makes me mad.

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Why, when you go to a store, and they don’t have what you want/need, do the cashiers offer to order it for you? I mean, I get that they’re being nice and offering the best option that they can and all… but I can have them order it for me, wait, then go back down to the store, pay full price plus tax and have my item. Or I can order it from Amazon (or other on-line retailer) get a discount, like as not pay no shipping, wait and have the item delivered to my door. This seems like a no-brainer to me…. do people still have things ordered through the store?

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More Fixing

Tea cups are back up as are the rabbit game pics. Slow going but I’ll get there.

Tommorrow is the last day of my vacation and I’m planning a marathon boardgaming session… and I’ll see about expanding the Sherlock files. I haven’t forgotten!

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Chess Set idea

I fell down the rabbit hole of looking at chess sets this morning (damn- morning wasted) and I got a neat idea for one. Hoever, I am not that into chess so feel free to take the idea and run with it.

For one side, find the most industrial metal chess set you can and use the pieces from one side (or a combination. maybe) I’m envisioning black metal here but something else could be more fitting. For the other side, have carved wooden trees- different species for the different pieces. Say, fir for the bishop and maple for the rooks… or a tree with treehouse for the rooks. It could also be done with tree spirits but it really should be carved of wood. Use stones for the pawns. Could be named “Hope vs Dispair”… seeing as one could argue either case for either side.

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Fixing in progress

So far I’ve fixed the Nancy pages, the Advent calendar page and the first of the Unplugged summer posts. I decided that I should fix those because they’re picture heavy and they’re my version of a scrapbook page for the fun times we’ve had.

I’m on vacation this week so I’ll work on this a bit at a time but I’m not spending my whole vacation doing nothing but this inspite of that annoying company.

What I am going to do is go and get new glasses (my mid-distance ones broke and they won’t make me a new pair without a new prescription), possibly look at a new car, work on my coffee tablecloth and maybe a couple of other sewing projects, put the windows and doors on the cathedral for my game and teach myself how to play Viticulture.

I also need to take the time to call a friend who’s mom died recently and catch up. I resist calling anyone usually because I have so little time to myself that I tend to hibernate. With more than one day off (and that one filled up with chores) perhaps I can get rested enough to be a little social.

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