Pimping my board games: Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (Finished)

I got the Collector’s Deluxe Edition and I plan to replace the wooden coins with metal (from Discworld Emporium that have been modified)and add paint the resin figures and trouble markers. I may also craft a box insert to replace the flimsy foam and I will definitely sleeve the cards.

Edit 2/20/2017: I’ve started working on my upgrade for this game now… and the coins are ready.

They’re metal coins bought from Discworld Emporium- and I painted 17 of them gold. So I have silver ‘dollars’ and gold ‘dollars’ which are worth 5 silver dollars. (I know they say ‘half dollar’ but, while you can read it in the photo very easily, in person it’s hard to make out.)


Finished the trouble markers! Trouble markers inspired by: Jim O’Neill (Established 1949) and Carrot Ironfoundersson


Edit 3/14/2017
Finished the demons!
Inspired by Frank Strauss


Green minions

Somewhere in here I finished the trolls… but I can’t find a picture so I’ll have to take one later- probably with the rest of the finished minions.

March 1 2018
The white minions are done and I’m working on the brown ones… but I left the game where the cats could get into it and Lucipurr stole a red minion (he stole 3, I recovered two of them). So now I will have to find a suitable sub until my last one shows up… in case it never does. *grump*

June 4 2018

The brown minions are finished- moving on to the red ones.

July 31 2018

Red Minions

2/18 Green houses finished, begining on white ones.


3/5 White houses finished, moving on to brown


4/11 Brown AND Red houses finished!



Now all that’s left is the insert and remaking the one red minion. I intended to copy the foam insert in foam core… but it’s really not a very good insert (have I gotten picky or what?) so I’m designing my own.

4/13 and finished! (Except for replacing the red minion which will be sometime in the future.) I’m not especially proud of the insert but it does what it needs to do so ok then.