Pimping My Board Games: Grand Austria Hotel

This looks like it will be rather similar to Rokoko in game play so I’m expecting to love it to bits and pieces. However, LWC- ew!

So I need coffee and cake and wine and strudel bits… I can live with the cinnamon bun version that Top Shelf Gamer is selling but not the Starbucks logo on the cups. (Really? Starbucks?)

Also, I saw in the pictures that someone has upgraded their Emperor track marker to a miniature that looks like the one pictured on the cards- must do that- and card sleeves and a nice insert.

Coffee obtained from Ebay and Etsy, some cake obtained from Etsy with more being made for me, wine glasses (plastic, glass is both too expensive and too fragile) on the way and strudel found but not yet special ordered (Etsy from a very busy artisan).

I’ll have to fill the wine glasses myself and attach the cake and strudel to plates (with a doily) but it’s coming together.

I also obtained and am cleaning some vintage Austrian coins just because I like coins in games.

Miniature bust of Franz Joseph obtained but not yet painted.

I’m also going to make a box to hold all of the resource bits- they’re going to be a bit fragile so I’m going to make a padded wooden box in sections and affix a picture to the top… and call it the Cafe.

I got the wine glasses and got them filled today and now have all the coffee and 4/5 of the cake bits. I’ve also ordered some doilies to go under the cake and strudel and started planning my box. A productive day, I think!

I ordered the last of the cake bits, a miniature dustbin and mini glass nuggets to replace the player bits

Only about half done:

Start of solo game

Cafe box

Lovely bits!

The German chocolate cake (and the carrot cake and the Victoria sponge and the strudel!!) were made by Jan Green on Etsy

The doilies are from StewartDollhouse

Most of the coffee is from WoW Miniatures
WoW Miniatures

and the rest is from Ebay as is the bust of Franz Joseph I of Austria.

After I played my first game, I realized the coins were too similar so I painted the 10s gold and the 2s silver.

March 29, 2018 Painted the bust:

I think I should give credit for some of the ideas for this upgrade. I’m not crediting anyone with the coffee/cake/wine/strudel bits upgrade, those are too obvious and I did go out hunting and find my own bits. But the idea for the bust (indeed, it’s the same one) is from user Jimmydm90 on BGG.

Oh, the miniature dustbin is not going to work- all the ones I found were either too large or too small and none of them are going to fit in the box- the cafe takes up quite a lot of space!

Player markers:

Box insert to fit everything:

Last bits of cake for the cafe have arrived! Now just waiting on strudel…

July 20, 2018
The strudel is here!