Pimping my board games: Rokoko

One of my favorite games! I upgraded the coins with metal coins and the tokens with Stonemaier balls of yarn and bundles of fabric. The fabric bundles came as blue and I scrubbed off the blue and redid them as white (this was before the white ones were available!) and found a locking clear box to use as a bank for both coins and tokens.

I also added the Jewelry Box expansion, 2 copies of the fancy dress expansion and a festivity dress expansion, created a custom insert with player trays, made fancy bags for all the tiles, added ten more coloured disks per player and sleeved the cards.

I’m considering upgrading the first player marker to a Stonemaier white scroll. (I decided against this because, on looking at the token, it’s really neat but too small.)

I found glass gems to replace the wooden property markers! Hopefully I am actually finished now.pic3417078pic3417079pic3417080pic3589859pic3422931pic3157954pic3157953