Pimping my board games:The Witches aka When Used is better than New

I can’t take all the credit for this pimp- just some of it.

First off, it’s the collector’s edition which comes with nice pewter miniatures for player figures, an extra large board (and a poster of the art work) and so on.


Next, the person (or persons) before me made a box insert, sleeved the cards and added coloured bases to the figures to give them more stability and to make them easier to identify. They also added a plastic box with spaces for the specialty dice and the player figures and crafted inserts in the player colours for it to keep the figures from having too much space to move. They also added a back to the player boards with a player coloured edge- it adds a little size but the frame makes it look very nice. This is how the game came to me- less the bag which got left out. (Since I would never ever keep the miniatures in the bag, I am not concerned about that.)

What I have done is take the box insert and glue it together (it was pressure fitted and had a tendency to slip when moved) although the nice tray for the tiles and chits (which has the colours of the tiles on the bottom so it’s easy to remember where each set goes) is still removable, as is the plastic box.

I’ve also added a copy of Microart’s resin Witches Pawns that that they made as an add on for the Polish edition- although I’m not sure why it was specified since they could be added to any edition. The sculpts are vastly superior to the pewter miniatures and obviously based on the game artwork as well as the books. I also modified the slot in the insert that was holding the bag to individual spaces for the resin miniatures and padded the bottom with leather in the player colours to protect the paint.


They don’t need another base as there is a very nice stable base modeled with the figures including the name of the character cut into the front of the base and I am hugely impressed with the modeling- they are steady when sitting and have no flash or mold line anywhere. Plus the detail is fantastic!

They can be used straight out of the box as they are made in the player colours… but I’m painting mine.

October 12
I tried painting on the primer like I used to do with my Ral Partha figures but either the resin doesn’t take primer as well, the formula has changed or I’ve forgotten how because it was much too thick and I was loosing a LOT of detail. So I scrubbed it off and got some spray Citadel primer which covered pretty well. I can still see a few deep places it didn’t quite get but I think that it will be okay.

To facilitate my return to painting very tiny things, my BFF, [info]zenkitty_714, sent me a desktop stand magnifier as an early (very early) Christmas gift and I got a new tiny brush called “The Psycho”. I still had my two 3/0s, two 5/0s and 10/0 brushes from when I painted fantasy miniatures in college… but sometimes even the 10/0 is too big!

October 14
I got my brush (from Amazon) and looking at it under my new magnifier, it is exactly the same size as my old Floquil 10/0. Which is fine- it was cheap and I needed another 10/0 really… but I was hoping for something smaller.

On the other hand, the magnifier is magnificent! I am still learning that closer is not better and not to knock it with the brush handle but it’s a steep curve and gets easier very quickly. By the time I finish with the next witch, I expect it will be second nature.

October 16
Dimity is ready for sealer and I’m about to start work today on Petulia. I’m not entirely happy with Dimity’s eyes (whole face, in fact) and just found 20/0, 30/0 and 40/0 sable brushes (Reaper brand) on ebay so maybe the rest will be better.

October 23
I need to take some pictures- Dimity is finished… unless I decide to repaint her face- which I might. Petulia is about half finished- I still need to paint her face, pick out the stars on her hat in silver, paint her base and wash and highlight everything.

The Reaper brushes are here and I’m disappointed. The 20/0 and 30/0 are larger than my old 10/0 and the 40/0 is about the same size. Also both of the two I have tried so far are a bit long in the bristle for good control- they bend under the weight of the paint- and both of them have had one stray hair that was much longer than the rest and had to be trimmed.

Also, note to self, the colour ‘ardcoat is a glossy finish- not matte. This is useful for jewelry, eyes and other things that should be shiney… but not for things like fabric and skin that should be matte.

Petulia’s hat has stars! This is significant because I messed them up twice… finially took my 10/0 brush and went out in the sunlight so I could see best… and her hat now has stars on it. Touch-ups, washing, brushing and sealing and she’ll be finished.

On to Annagramma!

I got Tiffany finished today, yay! For some reason, she was harder than all the others put together.


The full game: