12 Kitty Days of Christmas





Thread: X;X yards

pieces, difficulty


Technical Details:

I want to fussy cut the kitty fabric and use it as the focus for the “snowball” blocks. It’s not a very cooperative fabric… they all run into one another! Also I think I am going to have to have more contrast than I do now to make the stars show up at all.

I found a couple of places where I can get more of the Kitty Christmas fabric if I need it, this is a good thing! Now I can cut into the fabric I have without as much fear of mistakes. I have also finally worked out the dimensions of the blocks I need to cut from it (7 5/8″ if you’re interested). Piecing it is not going to be very fun since the way I want to make it includes inset angles but I think I’m a good enough seamstress to master it.

Well, I did some layout work on this one while my fingers are too sore to quilt.

I’ve also decided to replace a couple of the fabrics. Now I have the kitty focus fabric, a candy cane fabric, the red and white stripe, a dark green holly leaves fabric and an almost white ‘snow’ fabric with silver snowy trees. I may replace the last one yet again- I may not have enough ‘snow’ for this layout with what I have. We’ll have to see about that.

12/2015 Cut out all the pieces this year. I only seem to work on this around Christmas… when I have no time at all.

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