Cloudy Interweave

Cloudy… the sky is grey and white and cloudy…

    Pieced: 2004- 2005

    Quilted: 2006

    Mountain Mist White Rose Cotton Batting

    Coats and Clarks cotton hand quilting thread; 147 yards

    281 pieces, Beginning difficulty.


    Third Place
    Hamilton County Fair
    September 23-24, 2006

This is a simple rail fence pattern… the optical illusion is created by the graduated shades of grey. I like the effect so much that I’m going to dye my own fabric (yes, I have instructions for exactly how to do that) in the six shades that are used in the quilt. I am going to try and copy this one as exactly as I can… I am still enamoured of the effect.

Update: I didn’t dye enough fabric to make the borders… so I’m going to change them. I’ve got a piece of rainbow fabric that is gently graduated (okay, right now it’s a skirt… but I can fix that!) that will be a lovely frame for this. I’m also going to line it in silver… because every cloud has a silver lining. 😉

Okay.. I have another quilt I want to use that border on.. so no rainbow border. I don’t know if I’m going to put any border on it or not… maybe just a black binding.

July 2005:

Cloudy Interweave

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