Harlequin Star

Finished is better than perfect.



    Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Cotton Batting

    Coats and Clark’s Cotton Handquilting Thread; 515 yards

    400 pieces, Intermediate difficulty

    QuiltFlix: Phantom of the Opera (Charles Danse version)

Technical Details:
Quilted by the piece in the Star and feather wreaths and plumes with crosshatching on the setting

2nd Place Hamilton County Fair Handquilting Division Sept 25, 2004

This poor quilt finally got itself finished. I planned it and pieced it and then added a border fabric… which promptly bleed all over the white squares and triangles. So I took it back apart and reset the star and added a different border.

The quilting in the border is not as lavish as I wanted it to be but I was determined to finish the quilting in one year… plus my father gave me a new quilting frame for Christmas 2003 and I was eager to have a quilt on the new frame. This one was quilted on a homemade 3 rail system that did not survive through the whole quilt.

Given to my Dad for Father’s Day, June 19,2005 because I promised him that if he moved back to Tennessee from Florida I would not let him freeze. Returned to me upon his death.

Harlequin Star

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