Memories 101

Pay attention class. There will be a test later…

    Pieced: 1980-1990

    Quilted: 1990-1994

    Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon Cotton Batting

    Beginning difficulty

    QuiltFlix: Little Women (any version)

Quilted in shells This is my first attempt at a “real” quilt. Most of the fabrics are things we had- leftover scraps from sewing projects and such. The batting is a “real” batt… all cotton. I think it’s Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon but I’m not sure. It is 100% cotton and so is the backing.

This quilt I pieced on all over the place… out drinking in college… between classes… on lunch breaks at work. I pieced each strip and then added it to the whole.

I quilted it on a Sears two rail frame (and may I NEVER have to baste another quilt!) which broke while I was still not quite finished with it.

When I finished it, I gave it to my mother because it had so many ‘family memory’ fabrics as well as being my first quilt and having Elizabeth’s first quilting stitches in it.

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