Pieced: N/A (Wholecloth quilt)


Batting: Mulberry Silk & Things 100% Silk Batting

Thread: 100% Silk quilting thread

XXX yards of thread in the quilting

XXX pieces, Advanced difficulty


This is going to be my most ambitious project (or possibly just the most arrogant!) It’s a wholecloth quilt on white silk with white silk thread over silk batting and a black satin binding to finish.

I’ve been picking up the pieces for this one for years- when I got the silk thread, it was in skeins of 1000 yards. [info]tha1980s helped me wind it onto spools one night after I’d lost half of one of the skeins to tangles.

I really have two reasons I haven’t started this- first, if I make any mistakes at all, they will show and if I pick them out, it will still be obvious where I made the mistake. The second is what kind of pattern to use. I have a couple that I want to incorporate elements of, but I have to create the entire pattern- and then figure out how to mark it!

2 Responses to Purity

  1. Renee Kane Fields says:

    I;ve been looking for silk batting — when did you purchase this? It is very difficult to handle but a dream to stitch and to use. Do you know how I can get in touch with them?

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