Quilter’s Logic Problems

Thursday Night on Threadneedle Street

After Emily Ross’s first meeting with the local Stitch n’ Bitch Club on Threadneedle Street, her head was swimming. Quilters tend to be individualistic… but this group was all over the spectrum! One woman liked machine piecing, another swore that hand piecing was the only way to go. As she reviewed the evening, Emily tried to match up each quilter’s name with the type of piecing she preferred, the type of quilting she liked best and the gift of her favorite fabric that she had donated to the newcomer. She was determined to remember each quilter’s first and last name, the fabric she donated, and her preferred styles of piecing and quilting.

1. Gretchen, who’s last name isn’t Montgomery, donated a small print cotton. Sylvia doesn’t prefer to quilt in a lap hoop. Ms Compton, whose first name isn’t Valancy, prefers apartment quilting.

2.The woman who donated the striped wool doesn’t prefer to quilt in a floor frame. Ms Taylor didn’t donate the kimono silk.

3. The woman who donated the handkerchief linen prefers a combination of piecing techniques, but it wasn’t Jo Alcott.

4. The five quilters are, in no particular order, Valancy, Ms Bujold, the woman who prefers to quilt in a floor frame, the woman who donated the linen, and the quilter who prefers machine piecing.

5. Ms Taylor, whose first name is not Valancy, doesn’t prefer applique or tied quilting and didn’t donate the poly-cotton.

6. The woman who likes embellished quilting prefers foundation piecing but didn’t donate the wool. Ekaterin, whose last name isn’t Compton, likes applique, but doesn’t quilt on a floor frame.

7. Ms Bujold likes poly-cotton but doesn’t tie her quilts.

Another logic puzzle from Judy Martin’s September 2000 newsletter

This puzzle was adapted from my 9-year-old’s homework assignment. (He figured it out.) Using these new clues, my husband solved it in 10 minutes. Can you do better?

Each of Anne’s relatives made one block for her friendship sampler quilt. Blocks were made by her mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and cousin. The quilt consists of these blocks from her absolute favorite quilt book, The Block Book by the incredibly talented Judy Martin: “I Have a Dream,” The Bard of Avon, Dovetails, Five-Star Block, Rising Star, Born Under a Wandering Star, and Starry, Starry Night.

Paulette made the Starry, Starry night block, and her brother made the Rising Star block.

Anne ‘s father did not make “I Have a Dream” or Five-Star Block.

The one who made Dovetails is the niece of the one who made Rising Star.

The one who made Born Under a Wandering Star is the daughter of the one who made The Bard of Avon and is the wife of the one who made Rising Star.

The one who made the Five-Star Block is the husband of the one who made The Bard of Avon.

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