Quilting Companions





XXX yards of thread in the quilting

XXX pieces, Beginning difficulty


No idea what I should do with this set of fabrics either… but something nice ought to be able to be done.

2 Responses to Quilting Companions

  1. Debi Nattier says:

    I purchased a sewing machine cover made from this and have been looking for more of this fabric, can you tell me where it was purchased

  2. I got it at a store that has since gone out of business. Since fabric is like fashion and only lasts a season, I suggest Ebay or possibly checking with Missing Fabrics If you still can’t find it, let me know. I haven’t decided what I’m doing with it yet and could be convinced to sell it.

    The fabric collection is called “Quilting Companions” by Robin Betterly for SSI (from the selvage). That will help you find it.

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