Rare Blends





    pieces, Intermediate difficulty

    QuiltFlix: Perfume

This is a variation on the old autograph quilts. One of my Bpal friends included some fabric in her swap package to me. I gushed about it so much that a couple of other people included some fabric for me… and I got the idea to make a whole quilt out of fabrics that my Bpal girls sent me.

The pattern is, obviously, a perfume bottle, based on the rarest of the Bpal blends, Formula 54. Where the actual perfume says “54” on the label, I am going to create signature labels with people’s actual signatures… via the magic of computer printable fabrics and my scanner. Their Bpal forum name will be printed underneath and the purple of the sample block will be the fabric each person sent. The bottle top is Michael Miller’s Fairy Frost in ‘snow’ which does not show up well but is a kind of opalescent white.

Since perfume oils keep best in the dark, I chose to make the background of the block black… and have a strip of woodgrained fabric as a base for the bottles to “sit” on. I intend to make mitered borders of the woodgrain, giving the impression that the bottles are enclosed in a dark box.

For the backing, I have found a fabric with all over phoenixes on midnight blue (that looks black to me!).

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