Robert’s Trees on Lake Harmony

Pieced: December 1, 2010- January 30, 2011




XXX yards of thread in the quilting

XXX pieces, Intermediate difficulty


7/26/2013 Center of the top finished!

I plan to use different leaf prints and greens for each of the trees, water patterned fabrics for the center and grass print around the edges of the “lake”. I also have all those brown bark prints from my house quilt for the tree trunks.

Since this is a king size quilt, diamonds will be 3″ and I’m planning a flying geese border with blue sky fabrics for the setting and browns for the “geese”- I’ll make a single border down the sides and a double border on the top and bottom. Possibly Wyoming Valley blocks at the corners… Wonder if I should make the geese flying clock wise or widdershins?

I am going to work into the quilting design a potato- possibly appliqued, possibly only quilted- with my signature in it. Because, when he was telling me that he would be happy with anything I came up with, Robert said “I don’t care- make what you would like to have in your cabin in Wyoming. If it has potatoes on it, I’ll like it”

December 19, 2010
First tree:

January 1, 2011
Second tree:

January 17, 2011
Third tree:

Group pic!:

January 30, 2011
Fourth tree:

Robert has disappeared with money from my friend Carol so I am not going to finish this quilt for him and it’s going on the back burner until I finish other projects I was working on before I was commissioned for this quilt. I will finish it- for me or to give to someone- but in my own time.

January 21, 2012
Fifth tree:

I’ve been working on these when I can’t carry something large but I need to carry something to do (Dr visits, etc).

Sixth tree:

October 31, 2012
Seventh tree:

January 4, 2013

Point number 8- the last one!

The star laid out…

A few minutes later…

Center of the top finished!

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