Let us go then, you and I… when evening is spread out across the sky…



    Mountain Mist White Rose Cotton Batting

    Coats and Clark’s Cotton Handquilting Thread; 390 yards

    819 pieces, Intermediate difficulty.

    QuiltFlix: Practical Magic

    2nd Place Hamilton County Fair Handpiecing Division Sept 25, 2004

Finished August 24, 2004… yippie! I love the new frame and I like this batting better… it quilts easier.

This quilt has been plagued by colour problems… first the dark corner faded in the sunlight and now that I have finished and washed it, I have pink (where’d that come from?) and blue marks faintly all over the back. Still I’m glad it is finished and I’m pleased with it.

I am using my new Jasmine frame and it looks as though this frame will make it all the way through a quilt without breaking.

Technical Details:
Modified Maple Leaf pattern in graduated celestial fabrics.
10″ squares
70″ X 90″ top
73″ X 93″ batting (90″ X 108″ to be cut to size)
76″ X 96″ backing (2.25 yards 90″ wide)

1″ binding in black. Quilt by the piece in the triangles and five point stars in the squares. Title, signature and quote on the binding.


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