Cat Tail- Simba and the black snake

I was working in the garden one summer and I found a snake skin and was being ever so glad that it was just the skin… and then I noticed that the snake itself was coiled around my longhandled garden fork.


Okay, it’s just a black snake… a small one too… but I really really don’t like snakes. So I chased him off and he slithered under the front steps where I couldn’t see him. Which made it no better since I had to work right up to the steps. Ah….

Enter Simba to the rescue. He had been following me around while I was working and when he saw me get upset about having to work up to the steps where the snake might or might not be, he went under the steps… poked around a little… and laid down facing me and purring. He didn’t really chase the snake… but he let it be known that if it came back toward where I was, he’d pounce it. I felt much safer… and really amazed at the ways my cats show how much they love me.

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