Grown Up- A tale of doctors and woe…

Yesterday was a really long day. I spent most of it in one emergency room or another. By the time Mom got Emily to school and we were headed for the doctor, we decided that I was sick enough to go to “Urgent Care” instead of the clinic. Well, they drew blood and checked it and x-rayed my chest etc.

The good news is that I am not diabetic or hypoglycemic, my blood pressure is good, neither high nor low, my lungs look fine (!!!!). The bad news is that I apparently have a short in the electric system in my heart… something called an ‘atrial fibrillation’. So they called for transport to a better equipped emergency room. (If I went on my own I would have to sign an AMA form that I was leaving against medical advice and I didn’t want to do that because I was unsure how it would effect my insurance. I don’t want to have to argue with them over all this.) While we were waiting on transport, I went out for a cigarette… the Dr’s Assistant informed me with a wink that that was also AMA. When I came back in I they put an IV in… just the IV, nothing attached… and I asked him to swab for strep even though I had no symptoms of it.

The transport got there just about the time the results came back positive… but he still wanted a cardiologist to look at my heart. (I was on a heart monitor almost all day… even during transport. The good part of this is that my O2 level remains 97 to 100% and my resting heart rate fluctuates between 58 and 65 beats a minute.)

When I got to the main emergency room, the Doctor looked at all the stuff they sent with me and put me back on a heart monitor but started running other blood work. Liver, pancreas, kidneys all working fine. So he started me on an antibiotic for the strep and had the nurse give me a steroid shot in the IV. (If you have a choice, ask for it orally. I was feeling some better already and that darned stuff hurt! It felt like someone sticking pins in me from the inside out and I had to lay down again until it passed off.)

A funny thing, the doctor (not the nurse) came by to check on how I was doing with the IV antibiotic and I asked him how much longer it was due to run since he planned to release me as soon as it was finished. He twiddled it a bit and my arm suddenly got quite cold and he told me “about 10 minutes” with a grin. I grinned back and said ‘I love you!’.

All this took quite a long time and Mom had to go collect Emily before it was over so I called 80s and asked him to come pick me up and get me home. (I asked but all I had to do was let him know I needed the ride, really.) It took them so long to get me released that he was there before I managed to get out.

I wish I could say that the drive home was uneventful. It wasn’t.

While we were sitting stopped at a light, a woman rear-ended us. I was so upset! 80s just got that Satellite back on the road less than two weeks ago and now it will have to go in for body repairs. I felt for the poor girl too… apparently she is a nurse working with cancer patients and had her mind still on work. Then here I get out of the car in sluffy clothes with TWO hospital wrist bands on. (Totally strange men giving me jewelry when we’d only just met… I got laughs about that!) And while we were talking 80s let her know he just finished fixing the car… she felt so guilty, you could just see it. I didn’t have coupons for work on me but I wrote down the name and number and told her to tell them my name and get an hour for the half hour price for her first visit. And to tell all her friends at work too. The “Gretchen is out of coupons” coupon, I guess.

While we were stuck waiting on the police, I called work and let them know I was ok and what was going on… and Sarah told me to stay home today too. Bad on the paycheck but I need the rest and I don’t need to share strep around the office although I don’t think I have. I was/am asymptomatic for it (I don’t even smell streppy… we checked!) and the doctor told me that for it to be this bad, I had probably had it for 3 or more weeks. No one else at work has strep although Katie had it about three weeks ago. I also called Mom and let her know I was out of the hospital and what had happened.

As I had not eaten since 7 that morning, 80s stopped at a burger place and we got something to eat and something to drink. We didn’t get it to go, either! While we were there, someone offered to buy his car… even freshly wrecked. (Of course he declined… don’t be silly.) Then we stopped that the pharmacy to fill my script for Cephalexin (500 mg four times a day) and it took longer than it should have due to difficulty in entering my insurance information. All in all, we got home around 7 pm.

I went to collect Emily from Mom who shouted nice things at 80s across the yard. A first, she’s never spoken directly to him or vice versa. She told me that she wanted Emily over at her house by 9 am this morning even though I wasn’t going to work and Emily is off from school (Fall Break until Monday week). This is also almost a first. Usually Mom will watch Emily for me only when I am at work.

I got home and Liz informed me that her boyfriend was coming over… guess she was real concerned about me. She also promised that he would leave at midnight. At five minutes after midnight, with prompting from me, she started getting him ready to go. 80s stayed as my strong arm and back up and at 12:30 after the boyfriend left, I told him he could put me to bed.

Long long day!

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