Grown up- Raising Dad

My brother and I are always going on about how we have been trying to raise our parents unsuccessfully for years. I posted this story about my Dad in someone else’s comments but it really deserves to go here. This is a classic example of not succeeding in raising them. He was living in Florida and called me up about 10 years ago. The conversation ran like this: (Note: at the time my Dad was in his late 70s)

“Hi Dad!”
“Hi! I bought a new car!”
“What did you do to the old one, Dad?” Suspiciously
“I had an accident.”
“Oh. Are you ok?”
“Is everyone else ok?”
“Oh yeah…”
“Ok. Now. How bad is the car?”
“The insurance company says it was totaled.”
“Umhum. What did you hit, Dad?”
“I hit a boat.”
“A boat. Where did you hit a boat, Dad?”
“In the parking lot.”
“You hit a boat in a parking lot. Okay… how did you hit a boat in a parking lot, Dad?”
“Well M—- and I had just come back from “Shakespear in the Park”, and I was watching her walk back to her car… and I just didn’t see it”
“Ok, let me get this straight… you hit a boat, not moving, in a parking lot, because you were watching your girlfriend’s ass and you totaled your car?”
“Uh… yeah.”
“Ok. (pause) *sigh* Now you can tell me about your new car.”

Obviously I remember the conversation vividly!

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