Grown Up- Em and the donuts

Once, I made the mistake of falling asleep on the couch Saturday afternoon for an hour. I woke up to a burning smell and Emily trying desperately to get the back door open. (It’s a sliding glass door and it sticks.) It seems that she had decided she would like a snack of donuts and that they would be better warm. So she carefully put three on a glass plate, covered them with a paper towel, read the donut box as to how long to warm them…. and set the timer on the microwave for 8 minutes. By the time she realized her mistake, the donuts were total charcoal (my kitchen still smells burnt) and the house full of smoke. I got the donuts out of the house, cleared the smoke, explained that :08 meant 8 seconds, not 8 minutes and turning the microwave to 8 gives you 8 minutes. Also, this microwave timer sticks if you turn it past 3 so anything over three minutes has to be done in increments of 3 or less. (I’m not inclined to bitch… it was a free gift when we had no microwave and other than that it works perfectly.) I did praise her for knowing to use a microwave safe plate and to cover the donuts… I’ve known plenty of older people who don’t have that much sense… and told her that the first thing she needs to do in an emergency is get Mommy!.

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