It started with coffee – or – How I got into Bpal fandom

It started with coffee. (A lot of things in my life start with coffee.) And sewing. (A lot of other things in my life start with sewing.)

I saw a coffee bean print fabric in Hancock’s that was on sale… and bought 3 or 4 yards of it. Then I collected other coffee themed fabrics and designed a quilt around it. (I also made the scraps into my kitchen curtains and that and needing a splash plate for behind my stove is how my kitchen came to be coffee-themed. And brown.)

Which I was stitching up my design into blocks, my thoughts turned, as they will at such times, to a suitable quilting pattern for this particular quilt. And I had an inspiration! A Caffeine molecule! Brilliant!

So I found a picture of a caffeine molecule. Which I then posted as one of the pictures on a not-quite dating site, seeing as I lack many decent pictures of me and many of them are decades old. My dearth of pictures yielded unexpected fruit in the form of a couple of new, and bright!, friends. One of them was toxins. In due course, he introduced me to fountaingirl, who shared, among other things, a fondness for truly good and unusual perfumes.

She sent me, after several months of suggesting, some samples of perfume oil. Wow. Let me tell you what… Wow. This has been good for my nose but hard on my pocket. However, I wouldn’t go back if I could.

Today, I ordered a Bpal T-shirt and a box full of Lush from there UK online store. The shipping is hideous but they have several things that the US store did not… and the prices were cheaper so that I come out about the same.

So that’s the story… it all started with coffee.

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