Cat tail- St Thomas and the pills

I’m going to tell you a cat story.

I’ve probably mentioned the cat I had in high school, St Thomas. (When we got him, he was so little that we doubted he was a Thomas, hence the name.) He didn’t stay small, though! He is still the most massive cat we have ever had.

We had had him for about three years when we had another cat wander up- a pretty little female. She didn’t stay with us for very long so I don’t remember what we named her. Before we could get her to the vet, she went into heat. Saint was fixed so we weren’t worried on that count.

But OMG~ that cat was part siamese! She didn’t look it but you could tell from her yowls which were unceasing for days. Nobody could get any sleep in that house and she was driving everybody half mad.

Now at the time my Dad was into all kinds of herbal preparations and he had about 30 bottles of pills of different types on a high shelf in his study. Among them, he had a bottle of testosterone.

Finally, Saint took matters into his own paws, as it were. He got up on that shelf (no idea how- it was out of cat reach), sorted through the bottles, knocked the testosterone down on the floor, removed the child proof cap (!!???!!) and had him some.

Then he went and serviced that cat so she would shut up!

I knew he could read a clock and a calendar- but I still don’t know how he managed to sort out reading ‘testosterone’ on the bottle or how he knew that was what he needed to perform.

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