Emily just discovered where all our spoons are going… into the sink!

(She’s doing the dishes for me since I recently sprained my wrist)

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Pimping my board games: Rokoko

One of my favorite games! I upgraded the coins with metal coins and the tokens with Stonemaier balls of yarn and bundles of fabric. The fabric bundles came as blue and I scrubbed off the blue and redid them as white (this was before the white ones were available!) and found a locking clear box to use as a bank for both coins and tokens.

I also added the Jewelry Box expansion, 2 copies of the fancy dress expansion and a festivity dress expansion, created a custom insert with player trays, made fancy bags for all the tiles, added ten more coloured disks per player and sleeved the cards.

I’m considering upgrading the first player marker to a Stonemaier white scroll. (I decided against this because, on looking at the token, it’s really neat but too small.)

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Pimping my board games: Fields of Green

I have the kickstarter version with all the added content and card sleeves. I upgraded the coins to Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickles and Indian head pennies, made a box insert and upgraded the year marker to a miniature jar of jam.

I did something that coin collectors would consider horrible… I cleaned and polished the coins. First off, coins are dirty- very dirty- and secondly, I wanted them to look used, not be unidentifiable!

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Well, we have snow… and I have the day off, thank goodness. Emily does not so we’ll see how the roads are when it’s time to take her to work.

I plan to drink tea and work on my tablecloth… and not drive anywhere!

Lately I’ve been playing Undertale- my second video game ever. So far I’ve done two run throughs of the true pacifist mode including beating So Sorry… bUt not Glyde! I tried four or five times but I’m just not that good at dodging. I also can’t get through the end credits to make the door in Snowdin unlock but I think I have managed everything else.

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Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit and Happy New Year!

I have to brag a little on Emily- Yesterday when I got home from work (cross and really tired) the house was still decorated for Christmas. Since I have had to work every day (today too) since Boxing Day, I wasn’t going to manage to get the house undecorated by New Year’s and I was quite grouchy about it.

So while I went to Mom’s to give her her dinner, Emily undecorated the entire house- the wreath, the tree, the ornaments, the garland- everything! And packed it up and put it away and swept.

What an awesome surprize!!

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Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring

Because they’d all gone bloody grocery shopping!

I’m quite tired, so Merry Christmas (Happy Hannukah, Good Kawanza, Glad Yule, Happy Hogswatch… what ever you celebrate) to all and to all a good night

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Pimping my boardgames: Rabbit

A bit of history:
A while back, I was wasting time on BGG doing a “If you could only have five games and they all have to start with the same letter” challenge. Being me, I chose the letter R (because Rokoko) and was going through all the games that begin with R when I stumbled across Rabbit. I love rabbits, the art was pretty and the game sounded like it might be fun… plus solo game which mades it more attractive for me.

 photo rabbit_zpsux8fskmm.jpg

Then I discovered that it was extremely hard to find! The publisher (Mindlink games) seems to be out of business, there are no references to the game other than on BGG that I can find and all the entries on BGG are years old. Plus only 9 people listed it as ‘owned’. Oh, and by the way, searching for a game named ‘Rabbit’ will get you games and rabbits and a few games about rabbits… but it will likely not find you this game. And slogging through a data dump of rabbit games will take days with no actual hits. (Don’t ask- I can be more obsessive than is healthy.)

So fast-forward a couple of months and a charity auction pops up on BGG (they do one every year). Along with it was a wishlist for games you’d like to see listed for you to bid on and I threw Rabbit on there. (Hey, you never know) This brought it back to my attention and I looked at the people who listed it as ‘owned’ to see if it was on anybody’s trade list. Well, no… but one girl had in her profile that she was trying to downsize her collection and if there was something she owned, ask her about it. And she owned Rabbit. So I asked- can’t hurt, the worst she can say is “No”.

But she didn’t. She actually had to find it because she had it stored away- never played- and she was happy to sell it to me for $5. Since that was an awfully reasonable price for a game I really wanted, I included not only shipping but fees for both Paypal and BGG marketplace so she would actually get the whole $5 in her pocket for her trouble. (It didn’t work just like that though. In a fit of awesome, she included a second game from my wishlist: Waldschattenspiel)

The game was unplayed- cards still in shrink wrap- but someone had taken the stickers and affixed them to the wood disks. Since I tend to upgrade things, I planned to get rabbit shaped bits and cabbages for food and shaped bits for the predators… and then I tried to look at the disks. Someone had sensibly varnished them after afixing the stickers… but did not let the varnish cure completely before scooping the disks back into the plastic bag. They were stuck together so badly that pulling them apart caused some of the stickers to tear and/or tear off and several of them were stuck together enough that both pieces were ruined. So it’s either repair or upgrade… and I planned to upgrade anyway.

 photo box_zps89h9ygne.jpg

Box is a cigar box with a printout glued on and varnished.

Pieces and upgrades:

22 rabbits- one ‘thinker’ force rating 0, 5 ‘scouts’ force rating 1, 5 ‘fighters’ force rating 2 and 11 ‘workers’ force rating 0.
6 kits (baby rabbits)

    I found a seller on Etsy (MaddisonCherie ) who had flat wooden rabbit earrings in two sizes and she agreed to sell me 22 large (3/4″) and 6 small (3/8″) rabbits without the backs.
    I plan to paint all the kits white and the eyes and pink in the ears and the force number in colour on the flanks of the thinker, the fighters and the scouts and leave the rest a nice wood. I plan to varnish them as well… but I’ll let them dry for a couple of days!

 photo rabbits and kit_zps38ggrr0b.jpg

50 food tokens

    I haven’t quite decided what to do about this. There is a draughts game that has cabbages for checkers and I think I will get one or two of these to use the pieces from them as food bits.

9 Burrow tokens

    I think I will probably use the Burrow tokens included with the game as they are round and green already and simply mend any that got messed up.

 photo burrow and food_zpsuybeyiae.jpg

13 predators- 4 snakes force rating 3, 3 cats force rating 4, 3 weasels force rating 5 and 3 foxes force rating 7.

    Except for the weasels and snakes, I have found wood cutouts in appropriate sizes (mostly as earrings) on Etsy. The cats are black stained alderwood (1/2″) so all I need to do is paint green eyes on them. The foxes (1/2″) are bamboo so they will need to be stained red and then have eyes, ears and tips painted on. The weasels are 3D printed ferrets (9/16″) because I could not find wood and will have to be completely painted as they are plastic.
    Cats by LemonWoodMarket
    Foxes by hipandclavicle
    Ferrets/Weasels by fuzzbumdesigns

 photo predators_zpszgkoeo5x.jpg

Cards incidence and size:
There are two types of cards in the game, Sun cards and Area cards.

The Sun cards are tiny 44mm X 68mm which I sleeved in Fantasy Flight’s mini Euro sleeves and then trimmed the top of the sleeve down. There are 10 types of Sun cards:

    Add two food- 8 cards
    Snakes hunt- 7 cards
    Hawk- 7 cards
    Cats hunt- 3 cards
    Man builds- 3 cards
    Hawks- 3 cards
    Add 0 food- 2 cards
    Free Kit- 1 card
    Root Veggies- 1 card
    Pests- 1 card

The Area cards are 92mm X 129mm. This is huge for a game and no card sleeves fit except the Magic oversized sleeves… which have the Magic card back printed on one side. I got postcard sleeves and cut them to fit.
There are 18 types of Area cards:

    1 Clover- 4 cards
    2 Clovers- 5 cards
    3 Clovers- 5 cards
    4 Clovers- 2 cards
    1 Clover w/snake- 1 card
    2 Clovers w/snake- 1 card
    3 Clovers w/snake- 2 cards
    4 Clovers w/snake- 1 card
    5 Clovers w/snake- 2 cards
    3 Clovers w/cat- 1 card
    4 Clovers w/cat- 1 card
    5 Clovers w/cat- 1 card
    3 Clovers w/weasel- 2 cards
    4 Clovers w/weasel- 1 card
    5 Clovers w/weasel- 1 card
    3 Clovers w/fox- 1 card
    4 Clovers w/fox- 2 cards
    5 Clovers w/fox- 2 cards


 photo rules in box_zpskupt4vkw.jpg

 photo box insert full_zpscykcae9k.jpg

Trivia: A group of rabbits is called a herd or occasionally a fluffle.

Cards sleeved.

Large rabbits stained and kits painted white. I also painted one side of white on the large rabbits’ tails.

Inspite of being ill, I painted the rest of the rabbits, stained the other side of the cats and painted eyes on them and sealed everything. I also printed out two ‘burrow’ stickers to replace the two that are damaged and painted the foxes.

Over the last three days, I

  • built the box insert along with an undertray to boost it up
  • stained the cabbage pieces green using a mixture of liquid food colouring and alcohol
  • painted the ferrets
  • stained the snakes (same mix as the cabbages) and added sparkly wax (leftover from college miniature painting) and painted their eyes
  • sanded the damaged burrow stickers and affixed the stickers
  • printed out a label for the box top
  • and varnished everything

So I’m finished!

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