Some new pretties on my table!

First, the new tea cloth:

This is the one I looked for for two years before I found it! I was planning on trying to make one from pictures because I had actually given up on finding one of my own.

Then, to keep the tea warm:

I’ve already started my own version of a cottage tea cosy- which I will (eventually) finish but I do love this one! I love the bird in the cage and the black cat stalking another bird along the back

I had a bit of an accident today while taking Emily to her job interview- I think I have sprained my wrist.

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Happy Friday

Yesterday was my birthday and the tablecloth I’ve been trying to buy a copy of for two years arrived yesterday:

Amusingly, my gift from Mom was a tin cottage filled with English Toffee:

She didn’t know anything about the tablecloth.

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This is why I can’t have nice things

In a fit of pique last night, Emily threw the remote and cracked the television screen. It’s really badly cracked and, while she is talking repair, I can look at it and tell I’ll have to replace it. After scrimping and saving to finally get a wall mounted flat screen! I can’t afford to replace it… especially as I also need to pay for her on-line school and I really need to replace the car.

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In which I am so very lucky

For a couple of years I’ve been trying to find a particular vintage tablecloth (well, two of them- still looking for the other) I’ve seen three copies pop up on Ebay but they’ve always ended while I was at work and I get out-bid. I’ve actually been saving all the photographs to attempt to recreate the pattern- difficult, not impossible, but time consuming and I have no time.

So, today, I bid on… and won… a lovely vintage tea cosy and I was looking at the auctions I haven’t won and pressed the ‘show similar items’ button. The very first thing that came up was another copy- a buy it now and it must have just been listed! So it should be here right around my birthday, yay!

I’m doing a happy dance :D:D:D:D:D

tea cosy

Just to underline how lucky I am, this is the least expensive copy I’ve ever seen too!

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I have to wonder about people in my life that think they are entitled to my time… why do they think that? But practically everyone I know IRL (not everyone- just almost) thinks that I should pay attention to them when they want me to… and nevermind what I want or need.

Makes me mad.

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Why, when you go to a store, and they don’t have what you want/need, do the cashiers offer to order it for you? I mean, I get that they’re being nice and offering the best option that they can and all… but I can have them order it for me, wait, then go back down to the store, pay full price plus tax and have my item. Or I can order it from Amazon (or other on-line retailer) get a discount, like as not pay no shipping, wait and have the item delivered to my door. This seems like a no-brainer to me…. do people still have things ordered through the store?

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More Fixing

Tea cups are back up as are the rabbit game pics. Slow going but I’ll get there.

Tommorrow is the last day of my vacation and I’m planning a marathon boardgaming session… and I’ll see about expanding the Sherlock files. I haven’t forgotten!

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