Wizard of Oz set

Well I am finally getting back to rebinding this set. I have scrapped most of the ideas I had for the first book as being too time consuming with the tools I have. I found a spray that deacidifys paper so I’m just going to take the Copelman book and rebind it. If I had more tools and so, I could do it but as it is, this has stalled me for too long already. I also found end paper that looks (to me) like a desert and I may paint a twister on it. So far I have end papers applied and am currently squaring and trimming the pages. I need to build something to support the plough- right now I’m using an empty quilting frame but that’s not the best solution.

What I am trying to do is to perform one operation a day (at least) even on the days I work. Today should see the trimming finished and the first edge gilded.

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Books and illustrations

If you know me, you know I like fancy books. Illuminated, leatherbound etc. But I am especially picky about illustrations. Some books don’t have any or many (The Hobbit) and some can only have one artist- Pauline Baynes for Narnia, for example. But some books have been illustrated over and over again and I get to pick which ones I like best for that book. Some times that’s easy- Rackham for Midsummer Night’s Dream or Norman Rockwell for Tom Sawyer.

Yesterday I discovered that a couple of books have illustrators that I did not know about. “Little Women” is one- I have the Juanita Bennett illustrations (only the first book, sadly) but I discovered yesterday that Norman Rockwell also illustrated Little Women- sort of. He did a series of paintings and drawings which were never published in a copy of the book. Oh now, really? I want copies of all of them and I’ll tip them into a book and make my own, thanks.

I also discovered that “The Wind in the Willows” was illustrated by Rackham, then by E H Shepard (of Winnie the Pooh) and then by Tasha Tudor. Oh for heavens sake- which one do I choose? (No, only one. I’m not having three copies- one of them is best… but which one?) So now I’m dithering. And it’s entirely a matter of personal taste- my best is not someone else’s best.

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So yesterday was a fantastic day!

My daughter and I drove up to meet my BFF for eclipse viewing to the closest place it would be 100% (Athens Tn). We had planned to go down to the park but there were so many people that we went the other way and found a paved turn around on the side of the road. We pulled in and watched from there.

Yes, we had glasses.

It was fabulous! BFF wanted to be an astronomer when we were kids so this was really special for her. I enjoyed watching the moon dragon eat the sun… but I also enjoyed watching the weird twilight come on and, close to the total coverage, the shadow actually moving toward us!

Then we went for food and, having discovered that the traffic was purely mad, went to her hotel room and napped for a bit before heading home.

The traffic was still mad… but probably not as bad as it had been… and she came home with us for an extended evening of board games, cheesecake and coffee.

We played one game each of Morels, Gloom and Tokaido (and Rokoko last night) none of which she had ever played before. She liked Tokaido so well that she’s thinking of getting her own copy!

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Some new pretties on my table!

First, the new tea cloth:

This is the one I looked for for two years before I found it! I was planning on trying to make one from pictures because I had actually given up on finding one of my own.

Then, to keep the tea warm:

I’ve already started my own version of a cottage tea cosy- which I will (eventually) finish but I do love this one! I love the bird in the cage and the black cat stalking another bird along the back

I had a bit of an accident today while taking Emily to her job interview- I think I have sprained my wrist.

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Happy Friday

Yesterday was my birthday and the tablecloth I’ve been trying to buy a copy of for two years arrived yesterday:

Amusingly, my gift from Mom was a tin cottage filled with English Toffee:

She didn’t know anything about the tablecloth.

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This is why I can’t have nice things

In a fit of pique last night, Emily threw the remote and cracked the television screen. It’s really badly cracked and, while she is talking repair, I can look at it and tell I’ll have to replace it. After scrimping and saving to finally get a wall mounted flat screen! I can’t afford to replace it… especially as I also need to pay for her on-line school and I really need to replace the car.

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In which I am so very lucky

For a couple of years I’ve been trying to find a particular vintage tablecloth (well, two of them- still looking for the other) I’ve seen three copies pop up on Ebay but they’ve always ended while I was at work and I get out-bid. I’ve actually been saving all the photographs to attempt to recreate the pattern- difficult, not impossible, but time consuming and I have no time.

So, today, I bid on… and won… a lovely vintage tea cosy and I was looking at the auctions I haven’t won and pressed the ‘show similar items’ button. The very first thing that came up was another copy- a buy it now and it must have just been listed! So it should be here right around my birthday, yay!

I’m doing a happy dance :D:D:D:D:D

tea cosy

Just to underline how lucky I am, this is the least expensive copy I’ve ever seen too!

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