Only day off this week

Today is my only day off this week… and I can’t seem to get anything done because there is so much I want to do.

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Chilly Sunday

I have today off. Last night, I turned on the alarm just for the pleasure of turning it off and going back to sleep.

So naturally this morning I woke up before it went off and wasn’t able to go back to sleep… so I’m up earlier than I would have been if I’d been going in to work instead of sleeping in.


On the other hand, I only have a couple of chores that can be done on a Sunday and then I plan to work on Midsummer Night’s Dream, paint on Scythe and learn my new Maquis board game.

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Back to work

I had yesterday off but didn’t get anything done on any project- I managed to get all my chores done but that was all.

SO tired!

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Long Day

It’s actually been a long couple of days with a lot of work.

Still, I got Midsummer Night’s Dream gilded almost to my satisfaction and the flowers finished on the front of the tea cosy and started on the rose trellis.

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Random Tuesday in November

I haven’t posted much because I haven’t been doing much- just working and some painting on Scythe.

Saturday being my first day off since Halloween, I took Emily on our yearly goth shopping trip- mostly fun and successful. Sunday I was on vacation (not my choice but okay with me) and I spent the day painting and, since the weather was nice, priming all the rest of the bits with rattle cans.

Yesterday I got my new packet of silver to finish gilding Midsummer Night’s Dream although I don’t know when I will have time to get to it. I do need to practice watercolour for the fore edge painting as well.

Today I should have a little time before I have to take Mom all over Hell and half of Georgia (I exaggerate, we aren’t actually going to be in Georgia at all). She wants to go to the bank to open another CD, the salon for a trim and wash and then go get her flu shot and pick up some other meds at the pharmacy.

This wouldn’t be too bad except that she has a walker and oxygen… and may insist on bringing her wheelchair. So this will take all day. I’d be less annoyed if she didn’t need the walker because she decided to stop moving enough. She’s only 82 and all her illness is self inflicted- she decided that she was old and sick and acted that way until it was a reality.

On the other hand, I’ll have a bit of time just waiting around so I might be able to work on the tea cosy a bit.

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Okay, I have gotten a couple of hours of painting in but nothing on the tea cosy or the book. Grump.

I did play a new game “Welcome to…”. Just the base game with basic solo but it’s so small and quick I played two games.

So far, I like it- it’s quite different from the normal huge table hog games I prefer but being smaller I may play it more than games I like better that have a long set up.

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October Monday

I got a little painting done last night and should get a bit more tonight. I also got 30 minutes on the tea cosy at lunch today and about 15 minutes yesterday. Small steps but progress non the less.

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Sunday morning

I’ve been messing around with the tea cosy for far too long.

I’m not going to hurry- that will mean substandard work- but I am going to try to get in some work on that every day at lunch. Even if I only get 15 minutes, it will be something. But I need to get it finished and off my plate.

I’m also going to try and do some editing every evening… again, just a little everyday will go a long way toward getting it done.

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I did not get as much done as I would like. I think I could say that for almost every day ever.

What I did do is finish the building pieces for my game and prime the Nordic workers.

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Friday evening

Yesterday was quite productive. I finished the marker bits for Scythe Nordic and started the buildings. I also worked for about 2 hours on the tea cosy and finished the front garden!

I didn’t get any actual editing done on Little Women but I did expand the write up page for a more detailed explanation of why I’m having to jump through so many hoops for a book that is so readily available.

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