New board game: Fields of Green

If you get the kickstarter, there are crop circles!

I wonder who would like this for Christmas?

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Nothing Much

I’m trying to get back in the habit of journaling because (obviously) I’ve let it slip.

To recap: Emily is working and will continue after school starts to work some in the afternoon and on the weekend. Since my objection has always been that her grades would suffer, I can’t really use that- her grades can’t be any more abysmal than they were last year. Maybe working will actually help.

Mom is in assisted living and has not yet started to make noises about comming home.

Alex has gotten very thin and I took him back to a different vet who told me that he was not at all diabetic so I put the cats all on a gravity feeder for the dry food. I still have to feed Alex wet food twice a day because he’s gotten so spoiled but he’s old. I also have to feed Anna twice a day because she decided that she wanted to be an outdoor cat and I can’t leave food out for her- it would just attract raccoons and possums.

My manager will be back from his two week vacation on Monday- thank goodness. Maybe with him back and Emily back in school life can return to some semblance of normal.

On the games front, I found an affordable copy of the last of the Consulting Detectives expansions.. and a not so affordable copy of Voice of the Mummy. Voice of the Mummy actually still works but it’s going to have to go in for service anyway because the motor makes such a loud growling noise that the mummy’s voice can barely be understood. Since Emily is used to my more recent games with their very nice components, she was pretty disappointed in the quality of VoM. The gems are cheap plastic, the 3D steps board is styrofoam and the cardboard is only printed on one side, not well finished and not especially sturdy. For an antique game, it’s in really nice condition and is absolutely complete- I’m happy with it. Part of what Emily is seeing is the difference in what we demand out of games now as opposed to then… but part of it is also the difference in a game designed for children and a game designed for adults.

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How time does fly

I really didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. Besides work, driving Em to and from work and dealing with Mom, I’ve mostly been geeking out about board games to the exclusion of almost everything else. But there are so many nice ones out there!

Up until recently, my experience with board games has been the American standards: Clue, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, assorted war games, Battleship and assorted abstracts. I dabbled with Magic in the 90s but quickly decided that the only way to have a first class deck was to work at it non-stop and also throw tons of money at it. That, plus the necessity of having someone to play with rather curbed my enthusiam for a long time. (Bored me to tears, mostly)

Then my BFF brought Splendor with her when she came to visit… and I liked it so much that she left her copy with me. Because I wanted to play more often than I could get Emily to the table, I went on BGG and found a set of solo rules (that don’t require me to have a cell phone). I’d mostly been using it as a reference for 221B Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective before that.

While I was looking for advent calendars on Ebay, I kept seeing this set of tiles pop up- an expansion to a board game called Rokoko… and BGG had a set of rules for solo play… so I eventually got it. Um, wow. I haven’t had this much fun with a game (except for Splendor) since I was a kid.

In quick sucession, I found a bunch of other games I wanted to try out!

There are a couple of others I would like to try if I can find solo options for them

I also will have to take up miniature painting again. I got us figures for Alice in Wonderland to replace the plastic chess pieces, The Witches has miniatures included as does Tokaido and the deluxe edition of Discworld Ankh Morpork. Tokaido has the miniatures already painted… but reports are coming in that the paint job is substandard and I won’t be happy with that if we get a poorly painted copy. I could get the deluxe edition of Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas: Malleus Maleficarum with the painted miniatures except that it’s very pricy and while it comes in a lovely leather book-box, the expansion (in the box with the regular game) is in a separate box. I can make a book-box… and leave off the metal corner pieces that look so good and rip anything they are next to… and paint the miniatures to my liking. I used to be good at it- hopefully I can be good again.

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Signal Boost help

I’ve backed a kickstarter for a card game that I would really, really like to play with Emily. It is not fully funded yet so could you all help me out and boost the signal?

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Really a stay-cation but I don’t have to go to work… except Thursday… for a week. Thursday my manager has a thing that can’t be gotten out of (for work) so I have to go in and cover for him for that day. I told him next time, I’m going out of town… I probably won’t but I don’t want to have to work a day in the middle of my vacation. I don’t feel like that’s very fair.

I actually meant to post last week- I had a rather interesting day off where I took the car in to find out why it suddenly wouldn’t start (battery at 9%- yeah, that would be why) and the new guy at the shop goofed and started a brake check. It’s actually serendiptious that he did- we basically didn’t have any brakes. !!!! And then it was a monster- Mom had taken it to Budget Brakes and they fucked it up royally.

So kudos to Pepboys for managing to straighten out the mess. It took hours and lots of money… and that was with the manager comping several parts because he let the new guy turn the roters… and new guy messed them up badly. I’m afraid that new guy lost his job over this one- I hope not because he probably saved our lives.

So, what am I doing for the first day of my vacation? Moving Mom back into assisted living. In July. In the rain. I didn’t tell her I was going on vacation- as far as she knows, this is my other day off this week- the first one having been taken up my her emergency room visit. (Not an emergency- she told me Tuesday that she wanted to go Thursday… and I couldn’t get her to go any sooner.)

After that, I expect to do some reading, work on my tablecloth and play some solo board games… and maybe some with Emily. I’m still loving Rokoko and I want to try and get a copy of Asmodee’s Shakespeare game and Mystery! Motive for Murder as they both have good looking solo options.

My Rokoko pimp is going well. I’ve gotten the new neat tokens for lace and yarn- Stonemaier Games yarn token and the fabric token stripped and repainted- and I have metal coins on order. I have to make a new tuck box for the cards since I got the expansion and have a lot more cards and I want to make up a sheet to keep up with Victory points and end of game scoring. I really don’t like bunches of little cardboard squares and I think there is a more elegant solution.

I’ve also gotten glass ‘gems’ for Splendor and ordered large gold metal coins for it as well. It was a pretty game to begin with and this just makes the glitter factor a lot higher.

I also have tea to drink… the tiny mouse is sadly neglected!… and I’ve gotten a new 3D advent calendar to photograph and post. No new teas though- I have a cabinet full that I need to reduce before I go buying any more. If I have time and can get the computer, I also should work on the remake of the Hogg Tavern advent calendar and my files for 221B Baker Street. As it turns out, I am basically remaking the cases for 221 B into something that plays like Consulting Detective. *snicker* *snort*

But first, moving.

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Day off… isn’t really

I have a day off… from work. But I still have to feed the cats, run Emily to her job (yay for my working girl!) and get the emissions test on Mom’s car, balance the books, clean up from dinner last night, take the recycling in, do a small load of laundry, pick Emily up from her job, feed the cats again, cook dinner and go over and do all the stuff Mom needs. (How is this not assisted living? I’m just ‘free’ and the facility wasn’t.) My last ‘day off’ was taking her to the doctor and taxi service for Emily as well.

This is why I don’t post too much- whatever in the world is interesting about any of that?

I have, however, been playing a very fun board game when I can make time in the evening. It’s called Rokoko (or Rococo). I have the German version (which includes instructions in English) and have been playing a solo variant of the game which takes about 2 hours. When I don’t have time to play, I’ve been working out storage solutions (it has a LOT of parts) and looking into some upgrades for the lace and yarn/thread markers.

I’m also working on a Vervaco tablecloth- this works for me since I can stitch for 15 minutes whenever I can find it and not loose my place… eventually I’ll finish it.

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Finally, an update… and new teas!

What’s been happening… well, I’ve been busy with work and family and by the time I get home (and get the computer) at night, I’m so tired that about all I can do is mindlessly putter about on Ebay and/or BGG. Neither one is good for my pockets but I have gotten some nice board games!

When Emily went to Disney, she brought me home a lovely Mad Tea party teapot… I guess it’s like a french press in that it brews and then presses the leaves to the bottom to let you pour out… and it included a bag of Mad Tea Party tea. She also brought one of her good friends (who loves tea) a set of Disney teas… and her friend sent me sample bags of each of them. (I had given her samples of all the teas I have some little time ago). So I have a lot of Disney teas to review!

Disney’s Mad Tea Party Blend

This is the one that came with my teapot… and was also in the collection. I have to say, I didn’t much like it. It’s really yummy for the first half a cup or so but it gets old too quickly. Apricot in tea is just a bit too mad for me… Emily agrees it’s not good.

Disney’s Blueberry tea

I’ve had stronger blueberry teas… this one was weak on blueberry flavour as well as being weak on tea flavour. All in all, not too good.

Disney’s Earl Grey

Not too bad but there are much better much more available Earl Greys out there. I would only give it three stars at most.

Disney’s Pomegranate tea

This one is also quite weak… and I taste no pomegranate at all.

Disney’s Mango tea

I found this one surprisingly good for a fruit tea- quite the best of the bunch. I’m not really a fruit tea girl but I might buy this one again.

Disney’s Honey Lemon Chamomile tea

Faint honey, faint lemon, decent level of chamomile but since I use honey and lemon (and sometimes chamomile) medicinally, I don’t like it.

And finally, last but not least, I went into World Market… and they had the Twining’s Queen’s Birthday tea! (At last- they hadn’t had it the first three times I looked for it and I supposed that they wouldn’t have it any more) Since it’s a limited edition, I almost bought two of them.

I’m actually glad I didn’t. It’s quite strong and I’m still hunting about for the right temperature, amount of tea and brewing time to make this good. It’s not a bad tea, by any means, but I keep getting a really harsh bite of astringency (as well as quite a bit of caffine). If you drink tea of a morning, it would be a good one to wake you up!

Ok, have to go play taxi service… hopefully more later on sewing projects and likely some bits about board games.

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