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Midsummer Night’s Dream notes- feel free to skip

I have, currently in my possesion, three copies of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare Illustrated by Arthur Rackham. You’d think that one of them would be the right copy to bind… but no, I’m going to have to scan two of the three copies and take the illustrations (in text) from one and combine them with the text from the other. Which means scanning pratically every bloody page in both books. Thank goodness it’s not a very long play!

Here’s the run down:
Copy 1: William Heinemann/Doubleday Page 1914

    This is the copy with the illustrations I want. The 50 colour plates are easy- remove, remount on whatever paper I like, tissue guards go with. The in-text illustrations, however, will have to be scanned, placed into the other text and printed. (Difficult as my printer is old, acting up etc.)

Copy 2: Abaris 1977

    This is the text I want. Calligraphed by Graily Hewitt, it is a reproduction of a manuscript in the New York Library’s Spencer collection. Also illustrated by Arthur Rackham but with different illustrations! The plates are different, the in-text illustrations are different and even his style had changed a bit by this time. And, to a one, the older illustrations are better although I will take the color plates and bind them in at the back… which, by the way, gives me my paper size (large- oversized) unless I want to either fold them (eww) or exclude them (possibly) or scan and reprint them.

Copy 3: Easton Press 1993

    This copy is leather bound- red with gold- and supposedly has Rackham illustrations. Ah, no. Reading carefully, the illustrations are ‘from’ watercolours by Arthur Rackham. Which means that some random artist took Rackham’s pictures and redid them… they’re almost the same but not enough to enfringe on copyright. Really, Easton? Side by side with the Rackhams it’s very obvious he didn’t paint these! That’s horrible! (The paintings themselves are not horrible- they’re pretty decent- but they aren’t Arthur Rackham’s masterpieces.) Plus, they used the fake Olde Englishe Spellinge with all the extraneous E’s. Get real, Easton- some of us can tell when it’s the original spelling and when it’s done for effect. This further solidifies my conviction that you have to be very very careful with Easton press books… some of them are just not what they should be. Anybody want to buy a nice leather bound copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

The pictures are the “same” picture from each of the editions!

So damn- this is going to be a lot more project than I thought (isn’t it always the way?) and the first thing I need is a better scanner/printer!

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Accessing the Collective

Last night I wrote that I was planning to bind Midsummer Night’s Dream in dark blue and silver… when I read my old (last year’s) notes they said green and silver.

So, which one would be better (more in keeping with the book)- blue or green?

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If I let this go

If I forget to journal for very much longer, it will be a whole month. This is not a good thing for me for keeping track of events via journal.

Mom is currently back in assisted living but coming home again at the end of the month- ie, next week which means the same week as inventory.

Emily has gotten into the habit of turning on a youtube channel called Metal Ass Gaming all the time she is at home and awake. This is annoying because it is constant chatter (some swearing but it’s not horribly offensive). I don’t dislike MAG… but it makes it hard to do anything in the evening. Plus Emily talks… and sometimes shouts… at them… and at me about them… until I can’t do anything even as mindless as math- never mind reading, book binding, playing a game or journaling.

So I’m behind on everything, as it were.

I got the top to the Irish Chain quilt finished but I haven’t blocked it up to quilt.

I’ve been blinging my games (the ones I really like) and have a couple more to learn that sound like a lot of fun… but that take concentration and Viticulture especially is intimidating. I’m also playing the solo games I already know although Shakespeare really needs to make it to the table more often and I haven’t even opened the Backstage cards yet.

On top of that, we’re short handed at work which means I’m always ragged out and Amine does not think it’s a good thing to have your two days off a week in a row. Not sure if that’s a cultural thing or what but I keep trying to explain to him and he doesn’t seem to get it.

I’m trying to get restarted on the book binding as the weather will be cool enough for me to be out in the sewing room… but the next thing I have to do is gild the edges of The Scarecrow of Oz and I have to have the windows shut for that!

I’m also trying to get back into reading more… I am woefully behind on my Goodreads challenge for this year… but even if I go to the other end of the house, every few minutes there’s a crash and a yell and that’s quite distracting as I never know if it’s just the game or something dire is happening.

And then there is the tablecloth I started. One side is finished, I’ve started the second… and my spoons went away. As I have some time and energy, I need to work on that more- but it does take a modicum of concentration and that’s been in short supply lately.

Alex has gotten very thin and has decided that pooping in the litter box is no longer for him. I think he’s had a stroke- maybe more than one- and he’s exhibiting all the behaviours of an extremely elderly cat. Most of the time, I try and overlook them and pet him as much as possible… but today he pooped on the bathmat (his favorite place lately) while I was standing on it after my shower. I told him I was mad at him and there would be no holding of the cat tonight.

I’m also thinking about A Midsummer Night’s Dream again. I know, I know- I’m not done with the Oz books- but I want this to be the best copy. The right text, ALL the pictures, the best binding- etc. All things considered, I think this should probably be a blue-and-silver book… a very very dark blue. Silver is both easier and harder to work than gold… but less expensive for sure!

I wish I had more time in bigger chunks.

Ok- it’s board game night for my BFF and I promised I would play a game tonight too so I’m off to play a round of The Witches before bed. I liked it before but having now read some of the books it’s based on, I think I will like it even better!

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New board game: Fields of Green

If you get the kickstarter, there are crop circles!

I wonder who would like this for Christmas?

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Nothing Much

I’m trying to get back in the habit of journaling because (obviously) I’ve let it slip.

To recap: Emily is working and will continue after school starts to work some in the afternoon and on the weekend. Since my objection has always been that her grades would suffer, I can’t really use that- her grades can’t be any more abysmal than they were last year. Maybe working will actually help.

Mom is in assisted living and has not yet started to make noises about comming home.

Alex has gotten very thin and I took him back to a different vet who told me that he was not at all diabetic so I put the cats all on a gravity feeder for the dry food. I still have to feed Alex wet food twice a day because he’s gotten so spoiled but he’s old. I also have to feed Anna twice a day because she decided that she wanted to be an outdoor cat and I can’t leave food out for her- it would just attract raccoons and possums.

My manager will be back from his two week vacation on Monday- thank goodness. Maybe with him back and Emily back in school life can return to some semblance of normal.

On the games front, I found an affordable copy of the last of the Consulting Detectives expansions.. and a not so affordable copy of Voice of the Mummy. Voice of the Mummy actually still works but it’s going to have to go in for service anyway because the motor makes such a loud growling noise that the mummy’s voice can barely be understood. Since Emily is used to my more recent games with their very nice components, she was pretty disappointed in the quality of VoM. The gems are cheap plastic, the 3D steps board is styrofoam and the cardboard is only printed on one side, not well finished and not especially sturdy. For an antique game, it’s in really nice condition and is absolutely complete- I’m happy with it. Part of what Emily is seeing is the difference in what we demand out of games now as opposed to then… but part of it is also the difference in a game designed for children and a game designed for adults.

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How time does fly

I really didn’t realize it had been so long since I posted. Besides work, driving Em to and from work and dealing with Mom, I’ve mostly been geeking out about board games to the exclusion of almost everything else. But there are so many nice ones out there!

Up until recently, my experience with board games has been the American standards: Clue, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, assorted war games, Battleship and assorted abstracts. I dabbled with Magic in the 90s but quickly decided that the only way to have a first class deck was to work at it non-stop and also throw tons of money at it. That, plus the necessity of having someone to play with rather curbed my enthusiam for a long time. (Bored me to tears, mostly)

Then my BFF brought Splendor with her when she came to visit… and I liked it so much that she left her copy with me. Because I wanted to play more often than I could get Emily to the table, I went on BGG and found a set of solo rules (that don’t require me to have a cell phone). I’d mostly been using it as a reference for 221B Baker Street and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective before that.

While I was looking for advent calendars on Ebay, I kept seeing this set of tiles pop up- an expansion to a board game called Rokoko… and BGG had a set of rules for solo play… so I eventually got it. Um, wow. I haven’t had this much fun with a game (except for Splendor) since I was a kid.

In quick sucession, I found a bunch of other games I wanted to try out!

There are a couple of others I would like to try if I can find solo options for them

I also will have to take up miniature painting again. I got us figures for Alice in Wonderland to replace the plastic chess pieces, The Witches has miniatures included as does Tokaido and the deluxe edition of Discworld Ankh Morpork. Tokaido has the miniatures already painted… but reports are coming in that the paint job is substandard and I won’t be happy with that if we get a poorly painted copy. I could get the deluxe edition of Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas: Malleus Maleficarum with the painted miniatures except that it’s very pricy and while it comes in a lovely leather book-box, the expansion (in the box with the regular game) is in a separate box. I can make a book-box… and leave off the metal corner pieces that look so good and rip anything they are next to… and paint the miniatures to my liking. I used to be good at it- hopefully I can be good again.

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Signal Boost help

I’ve backed a kickstarter for a card game that I would really, really like to play with Emily. It is not fully funded yet so could you all help me out and boost the signal?

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